The program is divided into 5 modules building a comprehensive education & certification program for Personal Finance Professionals. The program will be delivered online comprising of a balanced mix of theory, practical, case studies, technology, real-life experiences and discussion forums. Following are the 5 Modules of CPFP Certification Program.


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    To learn & understand the various needs, wants & dreams of People. Also, understand people’s relationship with money & their behavior around investments & money management.

  • People’s relationship with Money & Yogic Wealth
  • The Four Pillars of Personal Finance
  • Investment Patterns of Indians
  • Human Goals – Needs, Wants and Dreams
  • Behavioural Finance & Investor Psychology
  • Common Mistakes by Indian Investors
  • Macro Economics impacting People’s lives
  • Ethics & Client First
  • Life Planning & Relationship with Money


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    Products To learn the different asset classes and Personal Finance Products available for People. Understand features, risk-return pattern, pros & cons of each of the product & asset class.

  • Basics – TVM, Financial Ratios & Excel Functions
  • Different Investment Asset Classes
  • General Insurance Products
  • Banking Products
  • Life Insurance Products
  • Retirement Products & Employment Benefits
  • Physical Products – Gold & Real Estate
  • Direct Equity
  • Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
  • Mutual Funds – Basics
  • Mutual Funds – Equity Mutual Funds
  • Mutual Funds – Debt & Liquid MFs
  • Mutual Funds – SIPs, STPs and SWPs
  • Other Investment Products
  • Income Tax Rules & Regulations


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    Process To learn the Process of recommending the appropriate Personal Finance Products based on understanding of People’s requirements & their behaviour. Learn using Excel Templates.

  • Process for Personal Financial Professional
  • Case Studies – House Purchase
  • Case Studies – Children’s Education
  • Case Studies – Retirement Planning
  • Case Studies – Insurance Planning
  • Case Studies – General Insurance Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Risk Profiling of Clients
  • Asset Allocation
  • Wealth Management
  • Preparation of a Financial Plan
  • Case Studies – Review Financial Plan


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    Productivity Learn to increase Productivity i.e. do more in lesser time & generate better results with same efforts; using the right tools & technologies used by top-class Personal Finance Professionals.

  • MF Transaction Platforms
  • Mobile & Cloud Based Apps
  • Financial Planning Softwares
  • Mutual Fund Softwares
  • MF Research Tools & Softwares
  • Tools & Technologies of AMCs for IFAs
  • Time Management
  • Client Servicing & Engagement
  • Marketing & Acquiring Clients


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    Professionalism Learn to be a Professional; acquire the right skills set require to interact and service clients in a Professional way, being ethically correct & compliant to regulations & laws.

  • Listening Skills & Empathy
  • Body Language and Personal Image Building
  • Creating & Communicating “VALUE”
  • Oral Communication & Objection Handling Skills
  • Qualities of a Good Personal Financial Professional
  • Email Etiquettes & Written Communication
  • Filing & Documentation
  • Career Path as a Personal Financial Professional


About 30 selected trainers, who are also members with Network FP & having their own advisory practices, will be conducting the training sessions for this program. The panel shall deliver about 50 topics in approx. 100 hours of training sessions spread across 3 months. Below are the trainers who delivered for the first batch.

Aniruddha Sengupta

Director, Arthashastra Financial Planners Pvt Ltd

Anu Malla

CEO, Founder & Chief Image Coach at A Nuovo Image

Archana Bhingarde

Founder, Prospero Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Arun Waghchoure

Entrepreneur, Trainer, Teacher

Balvir Chawla

Director, Finnovators Solutions Pvt Ltd

Bhuvana Shreeram

Independent Wealth Manager

Deepali Sen

Partner, Srujan Financial Advisers

Gajendra Kothari

Managing Director & CEO at Etica Wealth Management Private Limited

Gaurav Mashruwala

Owner, A Cutting Edge & Author, Yogic Wealth

Kalpesh Ashar

Certified Financial Planner - Proprietor, Full Circle Financial Planners and Advisors

Khyati Mashru

Founder & Chief Financial Coach, Plant Rich Consultancy LLP

Kiran Telang

Financial Planner, SEBI Registered Investment Adviser, Co-Founder & Director at Dhanayush Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd

Manish Pandey

Financial Planner, Wealth Manager, CEO & Founder at Fern Wealth Advisors Private Limited

Milind Kohmaria

Manager - Knowledge Management, Network FP; Program Lead, CPFP

Neeraj Bahal

Founder & Chief Financial Planner at Fasttrack Financial Planners

Nikhil Kothari

Chief Financial Planner - Etica Wealth Advisors

Prashant Shah

Director, Integrated Wealth Managment Pvt Ltd

Priti Kucheria

Director, Wealth Guardian Services

Priyanka Ketkar

Partner, Priyanka Wealth Advisors

Priyesh Sampat

Founder, Simplifying Legacies Empowering Successors

Rohit Shah

Founder & CEO, Getting You Rich

Sadique Neelgund

Director & CEO, Network FP

Sonesh Dedhia

Managing Director, Manek Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd

Suresh Sadagopan

Founder, Ladder7 Financial Advisories

Sushma Dialani

Certified Financial Planner, LUTCF

Tarun Birani

Founder & Director, TBNG Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd

Tejal Gandhi

CEO & Founder Money Matters, India

Usha Mallya

Cofounder, IFA Insights

Vinay Singh

Founder & CEO - Right Value Wealth Advisory Services

Viral Bhatt

Founder - Owner at Money Mantra

Vivek Damani

Founder, Jeevan Prabandhan

Vivek Shah

Founder & CEO, Finrise Financial Planners

Yogita Dand

Registered Life Planner (Advanced) with the Kinder Institute of Life Planning & Practising Certified Financial Planner

Expert Panel of Trainers

About 30 selected trainers, who are also members with Network FP & having their own advisory practices, will be conducting the training sessions for this program. The panel shall deliver about 50 topics in approx. 100 hours of training sessions spread across 3 months. Below are the trainers who delivered for the first batch.
Cofounder, IFA Insights

Usha Mallya

Entrepreneur, Trainer, Teacher

Arun Waghchoure

Director, Arthashastra Financial Planners Pvt Ltd

Aniruddha Sengupta

CEO, Founder & Chief Image Coach at A Nuovo Image

Anu Malla


  • I found the curriculum of CPFP very useful for overall development and to have deep knowledge of the topics in personal finance. All sessions were very interactive. Outstanding and brilliant presentation of PPTs given by trainers are jewels of whole program. I am thankful to Network FP for all the support & guidance given to me.

    Pooja MehrraCPFP Certificant
  • CPFP is a crisp, precise and well-orchestrated certificate course which is applicable for absolute freshers (with no finance background), IFAs, Employees of financial advisory firms and all those who wish to provide a little extra to their clients.
    I am part of the first CPFP batch and I can say it was managed flawlessly. Network FP’s team is brilliant at putting the latest technologies to use to deliver a wonderful product which you can avail sitting in the comfort of your home or office. If you are not tech savvy, the mentor or the program host is always ready on Call/WhatsApp or email to assist you.

    Siddharth ShankaranCPFP Certificant
  • My daughter Khyati Vasa did this course. She is registered with AMFI & preparing for SEBI RIA. She found this course very practical and useful for the RIA exam.

    Sandeep Vasa Parent to CPFP Certificant
  • A Professional course always helps an individual grow in the field of work he chooses.
    I believe CPFP course has helped Pratik, my employee, to grow. I have witnessed during the 3 months program, he has matured quite a lot, and now he understands his job & responsibility a lot better. Thank you for inculcating the same in him.

    Neeraj Bahal Employer to CPFP Certificant
  • The course is one of its kind, comprehensive & well-designed. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in making a career in Personal Finance space.
    For me, it was a good refresher course. Never had such detailed study in B-school as far as Personal Finance topics are concerned.

    Rashi Bhargava Financial Fitness Expert & CPFP Certificant
  • I think this course is a must attend if somebody wants to jump-start his/her career in the world of personal finance. This course lays a strong foundation.

    Gajendra Kothari Employer to CPFP Certificant
  • Each aspect of Personal Finance advisory is covered; right from product knowledge to the delivery of Personal Finance advise. Very good for someone who wants who wants to hone skills; as nothing tailor made is available. We took years to learn the game on our own, new bee can definitely learn quickly by wisdom delivered by such experienced advisors.

    Kshitija Shete Employer to CPFP Certificant
  • Network FP’s maiden venture into certification for industry professionals is highly recommended based on its content, structure and efficient organisation. I will strongly recommend this program to all individuals who have more than 1 year’s experience in back office work in a personal financial advisory/distribution firm.

    Aniruddha Sengupta Employer to CPFP Certificant
  • Analyse client behaviour, Gain product knowledge, Simplify investment process, Increase productivity, Be a true Professional & become a successful Personal Finance Professional….
    All packed in one program – join CPFP.

    Anuj Kesarwani CPFP Certificant
  • It was really difficult for me to make plans on the computer and learn online. But with your kind support, I somehow managed it. In our time everything was on paper & without you and your team’s support, it was not possible. The course contents are proper.
    Thanking you once again.

    Pramod KulkarniCPFP Certificant