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Network FP CareerWise

Below is the upcoming NFP CareerWise – A Career Awareness Program by Network FP. This session is for existing and aspiring financial advisors who wish to learn how to build a strong income model and a successful career pathway as a financial advisor in India.


How to Build a Strong Income Model and Successful Career Pathway as a Financial Advisor in India

Date : December 25, 2020

Time : 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Venue : Virtual Online

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CareerWise Contents

  • Work & Life of a Personal Finance Professional
  • How Big is the Market Size for Financial Advisors in India
  • Revenue Model for Financial Advisors
  • Career Path & Growth of Financial Advisors
  • Income Potential of Financial Advisors in India
  • Why Human Financial Advisors will always be in demand
  • Milestones of a Financial Advisory Practice
  • Futuristic Ways to Grow your Practice / Career
  • ProTool Working –  Capability Analyzer Test


Sadique Neelgund
Director, Network FP