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Simple but powerful ideas to build life-long relationships with clients – Marc Freedman, CFP

Marc Freedman
President/CEO Freedman Financial CFP®
August 13, 2012

Imagine if your clients no longer called your office because they were scared about the economic environment, but instead called to refer their friends and neighbors to do business with your firm! Pretty powerful? Yes. Is it possible? Absolutely! What’s the secret? Marc Freedman, CFP Practitioner and President, Freedman Financial based in Boston, USA takes you through some simple, yet honest solutions to building life-long relationships with your clients and prospects.

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Merging or Partnering with a Fellow Planner is all about Commitment!

Sadique Neelgund
July 20, 2012

Since 2002 when I merged my practice with another 2 financial planners, I have been asked to speak or write about small practice mergers and management to planner groups around the world. My colleagues want to learn, not only about the search but also how we got the deal done, how we operate, how we get paid, what may lie ahead, and a host of other topics. I am thrilled to be asked to contribute to a few thoughts to my friends in India.

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Ideal Revenue Stream For Financial Planners Which Suits Clients As Well!

Sadique Neelgund
July 16, 2012

The financial planning profession is so exciting that I have found people jump into it without thinking twice. The perception of importance and respect associated with a financial planner vis-à-vis an agent selling financial products is so much that it is very easy to transform oneself mentally into this new avatar, in many cases, without properly internalizing the income potential additional responsibilities that naturally come to a financial planner.

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Application of Financial Life Planning in Practice: A Personal Experience

Sadique Neelgund
July 4, 2012

Partha Iyengar, Founder of Accretus Solutions shares his experience of implementing Financial Life Planning Concept using Money Quotient Tools. He says “Since I embraced the practice of financial life planning, life has been truly rewarding for me and my clients”

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Job to Practice – Part II: Myths about setting up your own practice

Sadique Neelgund
June 22, 2012

After an inspiring post on “Kick your corporate job and start your advisory practice?” Vishal Dhawan, Founder & Director, Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors shares some of common myths that aspiring entrepreneurs have about setting up advisory practice. If you are holding any of these myths… you should re-think about setting up your own practice. Or overcome them and take a jump!

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Technology will improve planning process, but can never replace Financial Planners!

Michael Kitces
Head of Planning Strategy, Buckingham Wealth Partners
June 18, 2012

In past few years… there have been many websites, technology platforms and softwares which are promising investors (who are our clients and prospects) to help them manage their money on their own and generate & monitor their own financial plans. Will this mean the financial planners will be replaced by technology solutions as and how they get more advanced and clients become accustomed to these solutions?

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Pass on to Clients – Letter from a Widow who is a Chartered Accountant

Sadique Neelgund
June 15, 2012

This a must read letter for you and your clients. I have not seen a better way to explain need for inculcating financial discipline and having an estate plan in place. Do read… see where you stand yourself as a financial advisor and then pass it on to your clients and prospects…

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Best One-liners from Network FP’s Successful FP Campaign

Suresh Sadagopan
Founder, Ladder7 Financial Advisories
June 11, 2012

Network FP organized workshops on “The Making of a Successful Financial Planner” by India’s top financial planners held across the country in 6 cities in the month of April. Throughout the campaign Sadique Neelgund was giving live updates to the rest of the financial planners in the country by tweeting their best one liners. I have tried to compile his tweets on quotes by these top five financial planners on this one page here. If you have missed them, you should read to benefit from what the best and greatest financial planners of India think about this profession.

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10 Ways to Acquire Clients & Grow Your Financial Planning Practice

Nandish Desai
June 7, 2012

Financial Planning is not a traditional service or goods and it can’t be marketed using traditional methods. This business has its own dynamics and it is really very important to try new ways with different clients. Nandish Desai, Financial Coach at has successfully established financial coaching business. In this article he shares his experience of how to deal with prospects to convert them as clients and grow your financial planning practice.

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Kick your corporate job and start your advisory practice!

Sadique Neelgund
June 5, 2012

Many of the employed financial professionals working in banks, distribution houses, stock broking firms, insurance companies, in accounts department of corporate firms are showing a desire to start on their own. This is either because they are bored with mundane corporate job, a job that forces you to mis-sell to your clients or simply because of your entrepreneruail spirit.

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