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Ensuring a Financially Fit Next Generation

Kunjal Shah
Director, Getting you rich
June 16, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes This lockdown due to Covid-19 has given us many life-changing lessons. We understood the importance of immunity for our physical fitness and the importance of emergency corpus for our financial fitness. Every parent wishes to make their son or daughter very successful in their life. They try to give them the best academic and overall […]

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Rebuilding Small Businesses post Covid-19

Viral Bhatt
Founder, Money Mantra
June 9, 2020

Reading Time: 6 minutes Normalcy seems a long-lost reality of our lives. It is lost since a virus has wreaked havoc globally. Everything is affected by the pandemic – your small business as well as your dreams. Are you wondering if this nightmare will end soon and if you will ever be able to get your business back to […]

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And Ratnakar became Maharishi Valmiki…

Amit Trivedi
Owner, Karmayog Knowledge Academy
June 4, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Once upon a time, there was a very skilful hunter named Ratnakar. He was not just a hunter; he was a cruel and fearless thief. He was living in the forests and whoever passed by that forest would be stopped and Ratnakar would rob them off all their possessions. He would feed his family through […]

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How to talk to clients about new developments in the Franklin Templeton scheme winding up issue?

Network FP Taskforce

Reading Time: 5 minutes There have been a lot of updates and circulars doing the rounds with reference to the 6 wound up debt mutual fund schemes of Franklin Templeton(referred to as the said 6 schemes henceforth). While each of these communications are self-explanatory and comprehensive, they are often ridden with language warranted by disclosures, legal stands as well […]

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“Was winding up the best option for the 6 Franklin Debt schemes?” and other questions answered

Sanjay Sapre
President, Franklin Templeton
May 19, 2020

Reading Time: 9 minutes Interactions are better than intimations. This holds true especially in times of immense confusion, fear, uncertainty and adversity. It is with this intention that Network FP reached out to Franklin Templeton after the episode of winding up of 6 of their Debt Mutual Fund schemes. Following the UpSkill session with Mr. Sanjay Sapre, President, Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Ltd., for the Network FP Pro Members, we reached out to him again with some of the pertinent concerns posted by our own Network FP Pro-members during that day’s session. The response from Franklin Templeton India captured in today’s blog post includes important notices and detailed explanation of their views relating to their decision and the way forward as a Mutual Fund house. Read on to get your queries addressed

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Retirement Planning in Practice for the younger generation

Kiran Telang
May 12, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Retirement is a definite destination in life- your client will retire, so will you. Our lifestyles, priorities, needs and income will all change. While for some, retirement is a dream destination, for others it can cause nightmares. The past two months in quarantine have showed some of us a glimpse of how retired life could look. Not just in terms of lifestyle but also the possibility of low or no income.
“You should start investing for your retirement from your first paycheck” is what we are up-skilled to tell our clients. This is a good stage to connect with younger clients and shift the conversation gears towards retirement. Get them to plan about something which is practically decades away. “How?”, you may ask.

Today, Ms. Kiran Telang shares with us a few thoughts on approaching retirement planning for the younger demographic and guides us through having some of these conversations. Whether they wish to spend their retirement in forced “quarantine” or have enough resources to live freely..the answers will be clearer to them.

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How to help individuals choose between the Old and New Tax Regime for FY 20-21

Arvind Rao
Founder, Arvind Rao & Associates
May 5, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes I remember my friend Abhishek (the last one from my college group who got married just last year) and his happiness when he announced (in May 2019) that he was going to get married in December 2019. Initially, for him, it was like he just couldn’t wait for these months to get over and be […]

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Leadership Lessons from a Mental Toughness Coach of Cricket

Varun Girilal
Executive Director and Co Founder, Mirtaz Wealth

Reading Time: 3 minutes We often come up against challenges that test our leadership skills, professionally more so. We are naturally called-for to lead our team, sometimes our clients from the front and also the members of our professional fraternity. So, from where do we procure specific skill sets in our day to day lives? Sports can be a salient source of learning some great leadership lessons for life. Today, Varun Girilal helps us understand some very basic yet practicable leadership skills that are extracted from the sports community and its conduct. Read on to understand the linking leadership lessons and India’s one true love i.e. cricket and how you can hone your leadership skills…

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Can you please not?

P V Subramanyam
Author & Trainer, Subramoney.Com
April 30, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes In our grind to improve services and touch as many lives as possible, we often consciously or subconsciously prepare a “pitch”. This is a culmination of our beliefs and way of working. While we always believe it portrays the best of our capabilities, sometimes there are things that may need reconsideration. And since we keep talking about it so often, we don’t see any flaws in it even if there are. Today’s read has the ever-so-candid Mr. P V subramanian share a satirical take on some things that we really maybe should reconsider saying..go on, read this piece, chuckle with relatability and see which of these points you’d want to change..

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I Had No One Else To Follow: An Account Blow-by-Blow

Lovaii Navlakhi
Founder & CEO, International Money Matters Pvt. Ltd
April 21, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes The world doesn’t want any one of us to think smaller, the world needs all of us to dream bigger, to be bolder and figure out what make us feel excited and accomplished. Genuinely playing the professional role of a financial advisor requires a hefty amount of vision, self-belief, education and experience. As long as we stick to our paths with an honest mind-set, we can withstand tough phases, open up opportunities and make headway.

Being innovative and different is often a boon, and hence today, we present Think Tank to you a little differently. Mr.Lovaii Navlakhi displays his poetic streak as he talks about career path vis-a-vis his personality and passion. He tells us how he shaped up his financial advisory practice and adapted to changes by keeping “client’s interest first” under the spotlight.

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