Unit No. 1101 & 1102, 11th Floor, B – Wing, Lotus Corporate Park, WE Highway, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400063, Maharashtra

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About 1Finance

1 Finance is a reimagined consumer financial institution that offers qualified, unbiased, and personalised advisory on one’s personal finances, including but not limited to assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and insurance in an ecosytem where the customer meets the right advisor.

Year Established
Oct 2021
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About Products & Services

Key benefits to Clients

  • One view of customer's personal finances including assets, liabilities, insurance, income and expenses in a structured and meaningful way
  • A single place, unbiased recommendation with no target based selling provided by matching the customer with right qualified advisor
  • Promise of Zero commission products

Key benefits to Professionals

  • Finding quality customers and establish trust with them
  • Get client data and analysis of the client before their first meeting
  • Get comprehensive research support with ratings and reviews of the products
  • Scale up your Advisory Practice
Product Pricing
As per SEBI norms, Fees will be charged from client
Revenue Share Model
Coming Soon

Subscription / Empanelment Process

To be  listed as an Advisor at 1Finance:

  1. Visit the Website and fill in the onboarding process
  2. Your application will be reviewed depending on internal criteria
  3. Get approved & listed as a Qualified Advisor in 1Finance.

Eligibility Creteria

Any Advisor who has relevant education qualifications, certifications & experience that highlights his skill set of financial planning

Special Offer for NFP ProMembers

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