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Unit No. 1101 & 1102, 11th Floor, B – Wing, Lotus Corporate Park, WE Highway, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400063, Maharashtra

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About 1 Finance

1 Finance Private Limited is a reimagined personal finance institution that offers qualified, unbiased, and hyper-personalised advisory on one’s personal finances, including but not limited to assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and insurance.

Year Established
Oct 2021
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About Products & Services

Key benefits to Clients

  • Customers get a single view (1 View) of their finances on the 1 Finance app instead of going to multiple financial apps
  • Access to qualified financial advisors to recommend products that are suitable according to the customer's profile
  • Promise of Zero commission Unbiased financial advice provided to the customer
  • Technologically, quantitatively & data-derived, hyper-personalised recommendations
  • A promise of transparent, upfront pricing, and no commissions
  • Curated and rated financial instruments suited to personal requirements

Key benefits to Professionals

  • Predictive quantitative models and tools to recommend and execute appropriate, data-driven financial actions, transactions, and monitoring
  • An operating system that is custom designed to make advisors succeed at what they do best
  • Freedom from regulatory costs, burdens, and risks
Product Pricing
As per SEBI norms, Fees will be charged from client
Revenue Share Model
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Subscription / Empanelment Process

To be  listed as an Advisor at 1 Finance:

  1. Visit the Website Link – https://1finance.co.in/become-a-partner/qualified-financial-advisor/
  2. Fill out the form and submit
  3. Your application will be reviewed depending on internal criteria
  4. Get approved & listed as a Qualified Financial Advisor(QFA) in 1 Finance.

Eligibility Creteria

Any Advisor who has relevant education qualifications, certifications & experience that highlights his skill set of financial planning

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