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About BSE StAR

BSE STAR MF is a fully automated online order collection system. The platform is feature-rich and highly flexible with: Browser-based front-end & Mobile App. Architecture provides scalable operation and flexible deployment options.

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About Products & Services

Key benefits to Clients

  • Digital Platform
  • No geographical barriers
  • All payment mode available

Key benefits to Professionals

  • Paperless Mutual fund transactions
  • Cost & Time Saving process
  • User-Friendly Mobile App for Mutual fund transactions execution
Product Pricing
FREE for all MFDs and IFAs
Revenue Share Model
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Subscription / Empanelment Process

  1. Member can get BSE StAR MF Membership with online process of registration
  2. Link for Registration –

Eligibility Creteria

  1. Mutual Fund distributors
  2. RIAs

Special Offer for NFP ProMembers

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