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Alternative Debt Solution
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About Jiraaf

Jiraaf is on a mission to simplify and democratize access to new age investments. We want to help individual investors to earn better returns by participating in high quality opportunities that go beyond equities, fixed deposits, real estate and gold.

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About Products & Services

Key benefits to Clients

  • Manage short term goals efficiently by beating inflation
  • Regular predictable cash flows without compromising on returns
  • Asset-backed investment avenue without market volatility
  • Curated and exclusive investment offerings with complete transparency

Key benefits to Professionals

  • Efficient short term goal planning by offering better risk-adujusted returns
  • Enhanced investor's experience which helps in client retention
  • Exclusive offerings of curated products which were only accessible to Private Banking/ Family office's investors
  • Significant increase in revenue compared to existing short-term solutions
Revenue Share Model
Upfront - 1% annualised

Subscription / Empanelment Process

  1. Write to us at partners@jiraaf.com
  2. Get a call back to get started

Eligibility Creteria

  1. Any individual above 18 year
  2. Any Non- Individual Entity

Special Offer for NFP ProMembers

None at the moment

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