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International Investing
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About DollarBull

DollarBull is here to empower Financial Advisors with the best Global Investing Strategies to better serve their clients and build wealth with efficient diversification. Focused on a B2B2C model DollarBull creates an opportunity for Parthers to earn adequate compensation as they take the message of Global Investing to their Clients.

Year Established
No. of Active Users
We are currently in active discussions with a number of MFDs, both Individual as well as Institutional. While we have about 25 individuals already onboarded, we are closing out the formalities with a few key Institutional intermediaries

Key Officials

About Products & Services

Key benefits to Clients

  • A) the diversification that investments outside India offers
  • B) protection against Dollar appreciation for future expenses
  • C) additional returns that Rupee depreciation offers
  • D) the superior Dollar returns that companies in the US Markets provide
  • E) the truly Global companies available for investments
  • F) the wide range of ETFs available
  • G) Model Portfolios that will be made available on our platform

Key benefits to Professionals

  • DollarBull makes it commercially rewarding for Partners, which opens up another revenue stream for them, This also helps Partners get a larger share of the Client wallet as well as access fresh clientele with the offer of international investing
Product Pricing
1) Stocks & ETFs - Platform Access Fee of 0.50% pa on Average assets 2) Model Portfolios - total fees including access fee ranging from 1 to 2% pa on Average Assets
Revenue Share Model
DollarBull offers 40% share of the fees charged to Client

Subscription / Empanelment Process

Eligibility Creteria

No specific criteria but we look for progressive partners who want tp expand the services/opportunities they offer to their Clients

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Financial Advisors are requested to contact the Partners directly for enquiries and support. Network FP is not responsible for any actions of partners.