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About Wealthy

Wealthy is India’s fastest-growing wealth management platform. Wealthy enables professionals to grow wealth for their clients/investors. Thousands of partners across the country are using the Wealthy Partner App to focus on their clients, earn a fair share of revenue, and build a wealth management business for them

Year Established
No. of Active Users
6,200+ Registered Financial Advisors

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About Products & Services

Key benefits to Clients

  • Access to a wide variety of products, single-interface to manage all money needs, institutionalized research and recommendation

Key benefits to Professionals

  • Product range, technology infrastructure, research & training. In addition, to select partners we provide capital / equity partnerships to fund their growth ambitions.
Product Pricing
Technology, trainings, research is all free of cost. We work on a revenue share model, and share upto 90% revenue with the partners.
Revenue Share Model
70-90% depending on the scale of partner.

Subscription / Empanelment Process

  1. Register here to get started – http://wlthy.in/vvc4n

Eligibility Creteria

  1. For mutual fund distribution, ARN is necessary
  2. For other products, we work on a referral arrangement

Special Offer for NFP ProMembers

  1. Special welcome kit for NFP Pro members
  2. Rs 10000* signin bonus
  3. Use code NFP10k & reach out to use via the form below

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Financial Advisors are requested to contact the Partners directly for enquiries and support. Network FP is not responsible for any actions of partners.