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Network FP’s ProMembership ACE program is a highly structured Continuous Education & Professional Development program for financial advisors in India to help them grow & succeed. We currently have 1,000+ ProMembers in 100+ cities spread across India.

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How can I attend weekly live sessions?

All weekly live sessions are conducted via Zoom Webinars. The link to join the session would be sent to your registered Email ID & the NFP Exchange WhatsApp group 15 minutes prior to the session.

If I miss a session, how and when can I get recordings of the sessions?

All members get a unique Classroom Login with access to all recordings. The recording on the ongoing live sessions would be uploaded to your login by the end of same day.

When do I get my Login Credentials to view the recordings?

Network FP reviews the payment and you get full access to recordings and your credentials via email within 2 working days.

After registering, when can I start attending the sessions?

Network FP arranges a knowledge session for it’s ProMembers every Wednesday. So anyone taking the membership can start attending the sessions live from the next falling Wednesday.

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Can I download and use files & formats from NFP Toolbox?

Yes, all members with active membership have the rights to download and use the various Excel Files, formats and templates for your practice. We also encourage you to put you own logo in the file while using the templates.

Can I ask my queries regarding to products & practice to anyone?

Yes! Once you have taken ProMembership, you would be added to a dedicated NFP Exchange group which is monitored and strictly used only for queries redressal by members to the fraternity and NFP updates. Give & Take is what is followed – answer queries to the questions posted by other members and other 250 members in the group answer your queries.

Can my team members attend any weekly session of interest?

QPFP Curriculum has been very carefully designed understanding the needs of both financial advisors and their clients. Most sessions are taught using tools which act as a bridge between learning and implementation

Who takes the weekly sessions in the ACE Program?

Senior Practicioners, Industry Experts and other veterans in specific subject matters are invited to take all sessions by our Program Taskforce. You may check the previous session conducted list here

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Can my team members attend any weekly session of interest?

NFP ProMember Program is designed for Individual usage only.

I am a CFP, how many CPD points can I earn from ProMember ACE Program?

Every month we have atleast 2-3 sessions every month eligible according to the CFP Curriculum plus all members attending the conference get additional points day. Total points that that can be earned is anywhere between 30-45 points per year. Enough to meet your 15 points criteria.

How do I claim CPD points from ProMember ACE Program?

All sessions eligible for CPD points as per the CFP Curriculum are followed by a Quiz which needs to be taken by the members. At the end of each month the points are directly reported to FPSB by the ProMember ACE Program Team.

I’m a QPFP, which sessions are eligible for ACE points and how many points?

Sessions would be eligible for ACE Points according to the 5 module curriculum of the QPFP Program. In the 50 sessions conducted through the year in the ProMember ACE Program,  atleast 3 to 4 sessions would be eligible every month as the scope of QPFP would be broad compared to CFP eligible sessions. Any QPFP Certificant can claim upto 40-60 points throughout the year via the weekly sessions.

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