Live - July 30 - August 1, 2020

Access to recordings till December 2020. Attend at your convenience or watch interesting topics multiple times!


100% Online

Attend Live (9.00 AM to 2 PM) or Recordings (Shared soon after Event) or Both as per your convenience.

Who should attend?

All Financial Advisors are welcome!

Financial planners, wealth managers, investment advisors, insurance consultants, mutual fund distributors & other financial intermediaries. Anyone who want to build their financial advisory practice for the new world.

Summit Mission

To give clear direction, actionable ideas and lifelong inspiration to become a Successful Financial Advisor (SFA) for all financial intermediaries.

We believe an SFA is one who;
(a) does good work by positively transforming people’s financial life,
(b) earns well in the process of helping clients and
(c) is happy with both work and life.

We want to challenge you, inspire you and guide you to become an SFA in the new world!

21 Amazing Speakers

Network FP brings to you India’s most Successful Financial Advisors (SFA) to share their ideas, strategies and secrets for building a highly successful financial advisory practice in the new world.

Amar Pandit

Happyness Factory

Amit Bivalkar

Sapient Wealth Advisors

Ashish Modani

SLA Financial Solutions

Ashok Kumar


Brijesh Dalmia

Dalmia Advisory Services

Col. Sanjeev Govila

HFI Wealth Creators

Gajendra Kothari

Etica Wealth Management

Harsh Roongta

Registered Investment Advisor

Hemant Rustagi

Founder & Director
Wiseinvest Advisors

Kavitha Menon

Probitus Wealth

Lovaii Navlakhi

International Money Matters

Mukesh Jindal

Author & Partner
Alpha Capital

Nandish Desai


Nikhil Naik

Chief Growth Officer
Naik Wealth Planners

Ramesh Bhat

Aniram Financials

Sapna Narang

Managing Partner
Capital League

Suresh Sadagopan

Ladder7 Financial Advisories

Vinod Jain

Principal Advisor
Jain Investment

Vishal Dhawan

Founder & CEO
Planahead Wealth Advisors

Sujata Kabraji

Independent Financial Advisor

Sadique Neelgund

Network FP

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₹ 5,900 ₹ 2,950

The Schedule - 21 Powerful Topics

These 21 powerful topics will challenge you to reflect on things you are currently doing, reset your existing way of doing things and help you to rebuild & transform your existing business / career into a successful financial advisory practice.

Day 1

  1. 01.9:00 - Seven Best Practices to Learn & Grow in Virtual World , Sadique Neelgund
  2. 02.9:40 - Reflect > Reset > Rebuild Your Financial Advisory Practice, Amit Bivalkar
  3. 03.10:20 - Five Client Anxieties to proactively address in uncertain times, Lovaii Navlakhi
  4. 04.11:00 - Best Practices to put your Practice on an Auto Pilot Mode, Col Sanjeev Govila
  5. 05.12:00 - Five Processes to Scale Your Practice to Next Level, Hemant Rustagi
  6. 06.12:40 - Four Ways to Create Sustainable Long Term Revenues for Advisors, Kavitha Menon
  7. 07.1:20 - Four Competitors of IFAs and How to have Zero Worries About Them, Ramesh Bhat

Day 2

  1. 01.9:00 - Six Affordable Technologies for a Robust Digital Office Set-up, Gajendra Kothari
  2. 02.9:40 - Four Ways for FAs to make additional Income from existing clients, Harsh Roongta
  3. 03.10:20 - Top five Coaching Conversations to increase client engagement, Nandish Desai
  4. 04.11:00 - Three simple ways that helped me cut costs in world of shrinking margins, Sujata Kabraji
  5. 05.12:00 - Five Reasons Why both DIY and DIFM investors should work with Advisors, E R Ashok Kumar
  6. 06.12:40 - Five common but unforgivable mistakes while choosing financial Products, Vishal Dhawan
  7. 07.1:20 - Six Client Engagement Ideas for a deligthful client experience, Suresh Sadagopan

Day 3

  1. 01.9:00 - Five new ways to make Client-Advisor Relationship unbreakable, Mukesh Jindal
  2. 02.9:40 - Five Powerful Business Indicators for Focus & Growth of a Financial Advisor, Brijesh Dalmia
  3. 03.10:20 - Six Unspoken Promises that every Client expects from her Financial Advisor, Sapna Narang
  4. 04.11:00 - Five Mistakes which I have done and you can avoid in growing your practice, Nikhil Naik
  5. 05.12:00 - New Trends and Future of Financial Planning, Amar Pandit
  6. 06.12:40 - Four Impactful Ways To Engage Existing Clients Using Digital Media, Ashish Modani
  7. 07.1:20 - Three Most Simple Secrets of a Hugely Successful Practice, Vinod Jain

What you get when you join?

SFA Summit 2020 is power packed and participants get super value for money. More than anything you will get a very fresh mindset to reflect, reset and rebuild your career and practice. Join in and together, let’s build a new world!

21 Powerful Sessions

Each topic of Summit is impactful with actionable ideas themed around Reflect > Reset > Rebuild.

21 Amazing Speakers

Get ideas, strategies & secrets directly from accomplished speakers along with Q&A.

All Recordings

Get recordings till December 2020, watch them again to reinforce your learnings from key sessions.

3 Awesome Bonuses

PreEvent Training

How to build a STRONG Income and Remarkable Career as a Financial Advisor in India (worth ₹ 2,000)


101 Powerful Strategies to Build a Successful Practice (worth ₹ 1,500)

PostEvent Workshop

How to Make a Winning Business Plan - Create your own 3 Year Plan with a template (worth ₹ 2,500)

Get Summit Recordings

₹ 5,900 ₹ 2,950
Instant Sign-up Bonus - Template - SFA Business Plan Builder

Why Financial Advisors NFP Events

Network FP Has been organizing high quality MEGA events for Financial Advisors since Year 2011. Thousands of financial advisors from over 100 + cities and towns from across India attend our events year of year.

This was my first NFP Conference after having started my practice. Experience was pretty interesting removing a few mis-conceptions I had in my mind. Impressed with the scale and magnitude of the organization and conference.

Nikhil Karnik, Vadodara

NFP Events and sessions give me the opportunity to learn from the stalwarts of the industry and motivated me to implement the same religiously in my practice.

Arijit Sen, Kolkata

I am attending Network FP events since 2011, and I am amazed by its success from 100 participants then to thousands attending today. This is only because of sheer hard work, focus and innovative ideas from entire team.

Bina Pandit, Mumbai

By associating with NFP, I have learned many things and benefited industry personally and as a company. NFP does fabulous job in whatever they under take with high standard. NFp is the best knowledge sharing network.

P Shantiraj, Hyderabad

The quality of speakers is phenomenal in NFP Events. A must attend for every one in financial services industry. If you are planning to quit industry, come here once, you will leave everything and create financially independent happy families.

Aadesh Kumar Jain S, Chennai

Network FP has been doing phenomenal job of empowering financial advisors with knowledge sharing and best practices sharing. Thanks for your contribution in my personal & professional growth. You keep inspiring us.

Ketan Nanivadekar, Aurangabad

Network FP is a Krishna for all Financial Advisors. They guide us continuously, help us grow our business & follow best practice in Financial Advisory business. Network FP events are a must attend to all financial advisors.

Abhishek Kadam, Mumbai

NFP Programs and events give us insights of different business models in the industry. Would like apply of the few process and build a sustainable business for a life time.

Prathibha B, Bengaluru

To manage such huge events successfully and keep improving year after year has become a trademark for Network FP. The reason behind Network FP's success is the fact that IFA's like me are able to relate oneself with NFP’s way of thinking.

Vishal Awasthi, Jalandar

Video Reviews

We are committed to your success

Events in last couple of months has shaken up the world, the economy and the industry. However it’s not a time to be  scared and sulk in anxieties. It’s time to face the situation with optimism, more energy and faith in a better future.

Financial advisors are bound to play a major role in preparing families to face uncertainties without panicking, grow wealth with better purpose, and help enjoy the wealth to live a rich life. Financial advisory profession is here to stay and will play a much bigger role in future!

Financial advisors with right attitude and adaptability will not only sail through but actually emerge stronger.

The future belongs to those willing to –

• Identify the problems,
• Adapt to the new environment and
• Add huge value to their clients and families in new world.

Network FP’s SFA Summit 2020 has been designed to help financial advisors who are ready to take on this challenge to reflect, reset and rebuild their practice and become a Successful Financial Advisor (SFA). You will love the awesome speakers, topics and online experience!

Let’s create a future we will be proud of. We are committed to help you. If you are game for the challenge, join in!

See you at the SFA Summit 2020 !

On behalf of Network FP team, taskforce and volunteers;

Sadique Neelgund
Director, Network FP

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend the event – live or recordings or both?

SFA Summit is 100% online event. You may attend either live sessions or recorded sessions or both based on your interest and availability. Live session joining links will be shared a day prior on mail and mobile. Recorded session links will be shared soon after the live event. If you miss any session, you can always catch up!

Who is this event for? Will it be useful to me?

SFA Summit is a transformational event. All kinds of personal finance professionals will find this event of immense use giving amazing insights and clarity on building a highly successful financial advisory practice and career. Financial advisors, mutual fund distributors, financial planners, insurance consultants, stock market professionals, bankers, wealth managers – this event is for you. Your career will be transformed after implementing the learnings from this event.

Why are these speakers sharing their secrets with others?

All SFA Summit 2020 speakers are accomplished professionals doing well very in their practice and business. Many of the speakers now wish to give back to the community and help in growing the profession. Most speakers are also firm supporters of Network FP initiatives for they relate to it purpose and vision.

Will online event be effective? How different is it from webinars these days?

SFA Summit 2020 is not another webinar which most of us have been attending during the lockdown days. The Summit is going to be highly engaging with activities, well moderated, very structured and superbly managed to give participants a rich learning experience from the comfort of our homes / offices.

What do I need to attend the event?

A laptop or mobile with a regular internet connection is all you need to be an attendee. What’s more important is your time & commitment. As this is a transformational event, we request participants to block their time either for live or recorded sessions as per convenience.

When will I get my sign-up bonus and other bonus sessions?

Immediately after sign-up you will get instructions to access your sign-up bonus i.e. The One Page Business Plan for Financial Advisors (the new version). Pre-event masterclass and post-event workshop sessions details will be shared well in advance. Recordings for the same will be shared just in case you miss live sessions.


Get hundreds of actionable ideas from 21 Experts in 21 sessions PLUS amazing bonuses (worth ₹ 12,000) to build a successful financial advisory practice / career in the new world!

What you get after registering?

  • 21 Powerful Sessions with 100 plus Actionable Ideas (Live + Recordings)
  • Learn directly from India’s Top 21 SFA Speakers with Live Q & A
  • Amazing Bonuses – MasterClass, Workshop & eBook

Get Summit Recordings

₹ 5,900 ₹ 2,950
Instant SignUp Bonus - Template - SFA Business Plan Builder

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