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Any - Work from Home (Research Based) 7 Dec 2021

Job Title

Equity Analyst - Research Based Data Analysis Posting- Max 100 Words

Job City

Any - Work from Home (Research Based)

Company Profile

ALPHA Portfolio Advisors is an Equity-based Portfolio Management firm focused on long-term wealth creation. We work for executive professionals & professionals employed in corporate organizations and self-employed business people to manage their money lives. The Founder has been investing in capital markets for the last 15 years creating wealth for his clients @24% CAGR looking at 10 years track record. He has been quite active on Twitter & Youtube educating investors with his intellectual CONTENT

Job Profile & Responsibilities

  1. You will be required to do Equity analysis either at an Index level or Stock/sector level in short 300-500 characters (60-90 words) additionally backing it by present stock market data & finally deriving some learning out of it. backing data could be anything like on stock charts, PE Ratio charts, valuation metrics, past history equity data, like backing data by showing performance of US Markets from the 1990s, showing previous 10 years wealth creators list, data regarding showing Top gainers from Index 6-month-old lows & so on These analysis based data points- content writing will be posted n our social media pages like TWITTER, used in our Youtube videos as ideas.
  2. Sharing long-term stock investment recommendations again backed by short 300 characters bullet points data like showing ROCE, Profit growth parameters and with a stock chart
  3. Very importantly, some Intellectual and Psychological stock markets quotes/ learnings from your brain. Something like: A. Why did Today’s 3 % Nifty fall after a 130 % rise from 2020 Nifty lows called the Black Friday Sale? B. If You focus on instant Profit, You may MISS many multi-bagger. (Personal experience: I missed)”

Prefered Qualifications

MBA or CFA or CFA (pursuing) Reqd. Work Exp: Working as a Fund Manager or associate/assistant to Fund Manager in PMS or Investment Management co. 3. ONLY CFPs, Financial planners will not be entertained unless they have some knowledge/experience in Indian equities.

Desired Candidate Profile

  1. MBA or CFA or working as an associate to Fund Manager in PMS or any Investment Management Co or working as an Equity Analyst with minimum 3-4 years (who has worked on data, numbers, FUNDAMENTAL Analysis, stock charts, PE Ratio concepts, valuation metrics, present market data, historical wealth creators: like which sectors are outperforming & why, able to use stock screeners).
  2. Candidate having any prior experience in Content writing or giving articles for magazines shall be preferred.
  3. ONLY CFPs, Financial planners will not be entertained unless they have some bit of knowledge about equities

Additional Details

“Research profiles with INTELLECTUAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL bent of the brain required. Additionally, shall be backed by all present market data. These will be posted on our social media platforms like Twitter & Youtube. Some Examples of the short tweets we need from you are the following

  1. A bull market is when you get stock tips from your Barber,
    A bear market is when you get a haircut from your Fund manager.
  2. Power of holding on to Quality MNCs: In the crash of 2008 #Honeywell fell from its high ~2300 to 690 (almost 70% down). In mere a decade, it has compounded at 50% CAGR (28k₹ ~cmp)
  3. For all those who have never seen a bear market: ~90% of the NSE stocks showed negative 18-month returns by August 2019. Only two previous instances this has happened – September 2001 and March 2009.”

Salary Range

Pay PER Project Basis, Interested profiles send whatsapp cv @ 98723-77700 or email at

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