May 4, 2020

Abhishek Mohta

Founder, IIT

I am associated with Network FP since my early career days, when I was a Derivative Strategist and was not much into financial advisory. Lot of my knowledge, skills & mindset has been developed by attending various sessions & workshops conducted by Network FP. It has something for all financial professionals in the country and binds the community together. The platform has given me lot of ideas and take aways which I keep on implementing in my practise be it making my business plan, managing team effectively, scaling up. The tools has helped me in providing lot of solutions to our clients and even managed to charge them for it. I can say it my best investment till date where I get maximum returns with the minimum investment. I recommend Network FP to all the financial professionals who would like to scale up their practise. All the best to the Founders & the wonderful Team.

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