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You have successfully registered for the Network FP’s experience session Personal CFO – The Making of a Successful Financial Advisor on coming Friday @ 4 PM to 6 PM. 

The session is designed to deliver full value to participants and give immense clarity on building a great career / practice along with a Solid Income Model as a Personal Finance Professional.  The session is designed to give you a full experience of how Network FP’s ProMembership & QPFP Certification program sessions are delivered.

Guidelines for Session Participants 

1) Zoom Joining Link – The Zoom joining link has been emailed to you. Kindly check. (Check spam if missing)

2) WhatsApp Group – We will be adding you to a temporary WhatsApp group to share session details, links and files.

3) Be on Time – Please block full time from 4 pm to 6 pm and join on time. We start and end session sharp on time.

4) Use Laptop / Desktop – You will be working on an Excel Sheet i.e. NFP ProTool, we recommend using laptop/desktop.

5) Participate Fully – The session is going to be interactive and not just one sided. Do participate in chats, quiz, protools etc.

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See you at the session on Friday @ 4pm!

Sadique Neelgund
Founder & Director
Network FP – The Network of Personal Finance Professionals