May 11, 2017

9 Elements Of Your Online Presence!

Sadique Neelgund

9 Elements Of Your Online Presence!

There are different views on this topic among financial advisors. The majority of financial advisors think that online presence (social media) has limited use in their businesses. However, I know some advisors have been very successful in leveraging the power of social media to expand their business. Online presence is an almost significant role in our daily lives. A number of time people spend on social media indicates the influence these applications have in our daily lives. Yet when it comes to financial advisory business, a lot of financial advisors are not able to extract the potential of social media to grow their business. The fault does not lie in the social media applications, but how it is used by different individuals that are more important.

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The online presence can be a powerful communication tool for financial advisors provided they know how to take advantage the maximum potential of these platforms. Social media can help advisors build stronger engagement with their clients, build the personal brand, expand their network and also help in acquiring new clients.

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