July 14, 2016

Can you read an entire book in an hour? How to read a Mind Map?

Yogin Sabnis
VSK Financial Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

“Don’t ask for Referrals” a book by Stephen Wershing

This book explains how instead of asking for referrals, if you make your Advisory Practice more referable, referring you to their friends by your clients almost becomes an automatic thing. Further it explains how to make your practice referable.The book was fascinating to me and hence I made a Mind Map of it. Reading the Mind Map is like reading the book.

How to read the Mind Map:
You start with the topmost branch on the right side (blue colour), which is “Why” as in why you shouldn’t ask for referrals. Read from main branch to 1st sub branch to 1st sub sub branch, then the 2nd sub branch and so on.
As you read clockwise, the last branch is the top most branch on the left side (green) which talks about the referral marketing strategy.

When you read all the branches clockwise, as indicated above, it would be like having read the entire book.

All branches and their sub branches are in one particular colour except in some cases where particular branches are in a different shade of blue (turquoise I believe it is called). This is like a note to myself.

I enjoyed making the Mind Map. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Click here to download the mind-map prepared by Yogin Sabnis


Authored by,

Yogin Sabnis


VSK Financial Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

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