January 20, 2012

Use this free tool for sending great email newsletters to your clients

Sadique Neelgund

Network FP has been using Mailchimp for sending out emails to its members. I think Mailchimp is one of the best emailing solutions available on internet. It’s free if you have fewer than 2000 subscribers. We have used the Free version for a year, now we have subscribed to a Paid version, as we have crossed those figures.

Why Mailchimp

The beauty of Mailchimp is – its very easy to use, has great designs, powerful report generation and fantastic delivery record. And of course it’s is free!

Why am I sharing this with you?

I would encourage you to use such a mailing solution to send professional looking newsletters & updates to your clients/prospects on a regular basis. (Instead of plain old mailing with bcc and cc).


Mailchimp is very strict and smart about the email lists. The subscribers should have given you permission to send them updates and emails. Mailchimp is really very intelligent to understand unsolicited email lists and immediately bans your account after a few campaigns. So you need to be careful.

Where to start?

As such, it’s a very user friendly application and has more than a million users! So I don’t think there is anything difficult for any one of us to learn it. Its just a matter of spending time on the application and use it with a commonsense approach. I think once you create your account and send around 5 mails… you will get a hang of it.

Check the Video and Download PDF Guide

Download Guide: Getting-Started-With-MailChimp

What to do now?

1. Visit www.mailchimp.com and click Sign-up button
2. Create a Free Account
3. Create a test email “list”
4. Create first test “campaign”
5. Send the “Campaign” to “List”


Authored by,

Sadique Neelgund

Network FP Knowledge Solutions Pvt ltd

15 Thoughts to “Use this free tool for sending great email newsletters to your clients”

  1. abhinav0115 says:

    Thanks Sadique. Really informative. Definitely worth a try.


  2. BD says:

    This is good information, Keep up the good work

  3. BD says:

    Google Group: I use google group for larger/generic mailings.

    News Articles
    Google Reader: I use Google reader to keep track of all websites which i follow (RSS feeds) and get updated on news/articles etc which i might not have time to go thru daily.

    Communication: BBM/Whtsapp/Skype etc

  4. airassam says:

    great inputs… keep adding…whatsapp, nimbuzz and fring are also good mobile apps for mass messaging…

  5. Great find Sadique. I did not realise it was free as long as we have fewer than 2000 subscribers. How much does it cost after that ?

  6. Chetan Doshi says:

    Thanks for the information.

    Chetan Doshi

  7. Madhur Todi says:

    I have been using “Direct Mail for Mac” but they have a version for windows also. One time purchase cost for USD 49 (INR 2500) and can handle unlimited lists and emails ! But don’t get any stats about the emails opened or forwarded…

  8. abhinav0115 says:

    Hi Sadique

    I have been using Google reader for reading stuff from chosen sources across the web and I also love it. In one place, I get all the updates. Now, whichever updates I find it useful, I can copy the links and send to my friends. for that I am also exploring Evernote Web Clipper.

    As regards e-mail newsletters, I am working on building my first newsletter, but am a little confused on what all content should go in that so that its useful for the reader. 

    If possible, pls share some thoughts on that.




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