February 19, 2019

Give Your Clients these 6 Reasons to Refer You More

Stephen Wershing
The Client Driven Practice

Give Your Clients these 6 Reasons to Refer You More!

Referrals are the most profitable kind of marketing but most advisors just wait for it to happen. They have no strategy for making them happen. If you want your business to grow, undertake a plan to get your clients mentioning you. The most successful advisors have a process that they execute consistently every week. They plan how they will talk about their business and they know (and practice) how to respond to common questions in a way that gets people thinking who they can introduce to the advisor.

1. Do Something Different – Customize your services or your process to make it distinct from what other advisors do. Ideally, tailor it to a need your target market has. Do it for all your clients so you can get known for it. Set yourself apart in a way that elicits comments from people.

2. Plant SeedsNever ask for a referral but talk about the clients you get by referral.  Whenever you have a chance, comment on how grateful you are that so many clients refer you to new people. When someone asks you how work is going, mention that you just started working with someone who was referred to you.

3. Express Gratitude – Send a thank you note to anyone who refers you within a day or two of the referral. Then send another one toward the end of the year.  Let them know you have not forgotten how much the referral means to you.

4. Treat your Referral Sources Well – If a client or another professional sends several people to you, do something special for them. Maybe take the referral source and a spouse to dinner with you and your spouse.

5. Let People know Who you Want to Meet – Talk about the description of your ideal client frequently.  Always be reminding people of the kind of client you most want to meet.

6. Create something your clients can give away– Write an educational article, Create a worksheet, Make an infographic.  Put together something of value you can give to people that they can pass along to their friends.

Have a strategy to remind people to talk about you, and you will definitely get more referrals!

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