April 10, 2017

Creating Content? Never Run Out of Ideas…

Sadique Neelgund

Creating Content? Never Run Out of Ideas…

In the good old days, Financial Advisors and Distributors acquired clients by creating a good reputation for themselves thereby earning referrals. This was the easier way.

The harder way of course was by cold canvassing, doing seminars and then massive follow up.

Some of these tactics are still used to acquire clients but now, in this super-connected world, the most common method is to connect with a wider range of people effortlessly by providing content. The added bonus is that with the thoughts you pour into your content you are building up your persona, so you are engaging the right kind of people.

The usual ways of adding content is by writing articles, creating podcasts, videos and even writing books. Then there are the facebook and Linkedin posts and the daily pressure of tweets.

The Internet is a very demanding master and you have to feed the demon continuously, otherwise out of sight is out of mind.

When asked about using SEO to become easily discoverable, Michael Kitces once said that he believed building content was a better strategy and us from the Advisory fraternity all know how prolific he is in adding content. But what about you? Where do you get the ideas to build content?

Creating content Never run out of ideas

Here are a few things you can do.

Read: And read some more. The obvious reading material would come from other blog articles, newspapers, and books. Read not to copy but to understand what’s happening in the world; the topics being discussed, the concerns being voiced. Write about it and add your opinion. Read ads and flyers so you can get to know what products are being sold so you can write about it and add your analysis to that.

Follow up: Anything that sounds intriguing or interesting. Anything that fascinates, engages, amuses or scares you, follow up on it. There could be an article in there.

Write about things that you know: It will be more effective if you write it in the first person. But remember that you are not the story so although you may be narrating your experience, make it more about the topic than about you.

Write about things you don’t know: Topics like NPS, investing in Art or overseas investments are topics that are generally not known to the public. In many cases, even the Advisors know only vaguely about it. Here is a chance for you to research the topic thoroughly and explain. The best way to know that you have really understood the new learning is by explaining it to others.

Exchange Posts: You can write guest blogs in publications of various other professional magazines like those of CAs, lawyers, or even Doctors and then invite some of these professionals to write guest posts on your blog. You can definitely be able to suggest topics relevant to your clients or readers to all the above 3 professionals.

Revisit old posts: We are always apprehensive about reposting content. We feel we could get caught circulating old content. Be assured that public memory is short. Even if they know they have read before they couldn’t care less. Re-reading important stuff is positive reinforcement for them.

You can also repurpose old content in many ways. A blog post can become the subject of a Video or a Mind Map. You can tweet about it or add it as a facebook post multiple times.

Listen, Eavesdrop: In public places like restaurants, parks, public transport, parties, and picnics. In these conversations, identify their interests, complaints and concerns and these could be topics for your articles.

Newspapers: I have already talked of reading newspapers amongst other stuff but I am making a couple of specific points here. If you come across research about some financial behavior, which adversely affects the investors you can write about it adding your views and practical tips on how to avoid falling a victim to it.

There are occasions when there are articles written in newspapers with a lot of jargon and technical stuff. Rewrite the same in the simple form to help people understand.

Some tips:

  • Be economical with your words
  • Get to the point.
  • Comment on other blogs.
  • Have a catchy headline

Ideas are everywhere and they are waiting to be picked. Keep looking.

Your readers and followers deserve your best. So give it to them.

Good Luck!

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    Good insightful article. Mind map is also very beautiful. Thanks sir.

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