QPFP Certification - Steps & Standards - QPFP Certification Program by Network FP

QPFP Certification – Steps & Standards

QPFP Certificants need to go through a rigorous program and pass high standards before getting awarded with the prestigious QPFP Certification. But at the end of this rigorous process, you will realise that it is worth all the efforts and time. And be really proud of what you have earned.


Apply for QPFP Program

Candidates aspiring to pursue and get QPFP Certification need to check for eligibility and apply for upcoming batch of QPFP Program.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for QPFP Certification Program

1) Completed Graduation in any stream
2) Has cleared ANY ONE of industry exams like NISM VA, VB, XA, XB etc or IRDA exams. OR has cleared any one modules of CFP / CWM or cleared any level of CFA / CA. Or is a PG in related related streams.

Apply Here if Eligible


Complete the QPFP Education Program

Candidates will have go through a 6 month / 25 week / 100 hour education program covering 50 topics / tools under 5 modules. A candidate will be considered to have successfully attended and completed the program based on clearing of topic tests and module exams as follows;

1) Topic Tests – Attempt and pass at least 75 % of topic tests
2) Module Exams – Attempt and pass all module exams

Passing marks is 60 % in both topic tests and module exams.

Check QPFP Curriculum here


Attempt and Clear Final Exam

Candidates who successfully complete the QPFP Education Program as mentioned in Step 2 shall be eligible to give the 4 hour final exam. The final exam will be scheduled soon after the completion of 6 month education program.

Two Mock Exams will be held to prepare candidates for Final exams. Candidates who have been regular with topic tests and module exams in Step 3 should with some moderate preparation be comfortably able to pass the final exams.

Passing marks is 60 % with negative marking of 25%.


Apply for QPFP Certification

Candidate clearing the final exam in Step 3 can apply for QPFP Certification if s/he fulfils the following criteria;

1) Minimum 1 Year Experience in Personal Finance Area
2) Agrees to abide by QPFP’s Ethics@Heart Declaration

Experience in personal finance is defined as any function where in the candidate is involved in the six step process of financial advisory process directly or indirectly dealing with clients. (Establish, Understand, Analyse, Recommend, Execute, Monitor).


Awarding of QPFP Certification

QPFP Certification is awarded by Network FP to candidates who successfully completes the 4th Step and applies for Certification. On receiving the hard-earned certification, QFFP Certificants may;

1) Display QPFP Physical Certificate in home / office
2) Display QPFP Digital Certificate in online mediums like website / social media
3) Get listed on QPFP Directory for Consumers
4) Use Marks – QPFP logo / letters / words in your promotional materials
5) Use Designation – Qualified Personal Finance Professional

QPFP Certificants will have to fulfil the Annual Continuous Education (ACE) points and Renewal requirements to maintain their certification.