QPFP Certification – Steps & Standards – QPFP Certification Program by Network FP

QPFP Certification – Steps & Standards

QPFP Certificants need to go through a rigorous program and pass high standards before getting awarded with the prestigious QPFP Certification. But at the end of this rigorous process, you will realise that it is worth all the efforts and time. And be really proud of what you have earned.


Application - Apply for QPFP Education Program

Candidates aspiring to pursue and get QPFP Certification need to check for eligibility and apply for upcoming batch of QPFP Program. Eligibility Criteria to apply for QPFP Certification Program is

1) Completed Graduation in any stream

2) Has cleared ANY ONE of industry exams like NISM VA (MF), VB, XA, XB etc or IRDA exams or has cleared any one module of CFP / CWM or CFA / CA or PG in related streams.


Education - Complete the QPFP Education Program

Candidate should attend the 100+ Hours / 6 Months Education program comprising of 4 Modules with around 50+ topics and 50+ ProTools. Candidates can attend these weekly sessions live or via recordings.


Examination – Clear Tests & Examinations

Testing of QPFP Candidates happens at 3 levels as follows and QPFP Candidates should clear all the 3 levels for being eligible to apply and get awarded with QPFP Certification;

1) Topic Tests – Clear 60% Topic Tests conducted after each session.

2) Module Exams – Clear all 4 module exams conducted after each module completion.

3) Final Exams – Clear QPFP final exam conducted after all the Modules completion.

* Two Mock Exams are conducted before final exams to help candidates prepare well.


Experience – Meet Experience Criteria

Candidate should have completed at least one year of relevant experience in the area of personal finance. Experience gained before the start of the program or during the program is also considered valid. Experience of being employed or self-employed is valid.


Ethics – Sign Ethics@Heart Declaration

QPFP Candidates need to sign the QPFP Ethics@Heart Declaration and agree to abide by ethical standards in their career, practice & business.

ETHICS stands for Expertise, Transparency, Holistic, Integrity, Client-first, Solutions


Certification – Get Awarded with QPFP® Certification

QPFP Certification is awarded to candidates who successfully complete all the above 5 Steps along with required certification dues.

On receiving the hard-earned certification, QFFP Certificants may;

1) Display QPFP Physical Certificate or Digital Certificate

2) Use QPFP® Logo / Marks & Use Designation – Qualified Personal Finance Professional®

3) All certificants will get access to the recordings post-completion of the program.

QPFP Certificants will have to fulfil the Annual Continuous Education (ACE) points and Renewal requirements to maintain their certification. (12 points per year)