Trainers & Coaches – QPFP Certification Program by Network FP

Trainers & Coaches

QPFP Empanelled Trainers

QPFP sessions are delivered by some of the leading practitioners of India who are passionate about profession, have build a successful practice themself and are also great trainers. The quality and background of QPFP trainers makes the learning interesting, inspiring and practical.

Amit Trivedi
Karmayog Knowledge Academy
Arjit Sen
Arvind Rao
Arvind Rao & Associates
Babu Krishnamoorthy
Finsherpa Investment Services
Balvir Chawla
Balvir Chawla
Bhuvanaa Shreeram
QPFP Trainer
Chetan Chandaliya
Crown Advisors
QPFP Trainer
Deepesh Mehta
Happy Investor Finserv LLP
QPFP Trainer
Dilshad Billimoria
Dilzer Consultants Pvt Ltd
Gajendra Kothari
Etica Wealth Management
Harsh Roongta
Registered Investment Advisor
Hitesh Soni
Kalpesh Ashar
Fullcircle Financial Planners and Advisors
QPFP Trainer
Kavitha Menon
Probitus Wealth
Khyati Mashru Vasani
Plantrich Consulatancy LLP
Kiran Telang
Dhanayush Capital Advisors
Lakshmipathi Yelam
Mohini Mahadevia
QPFP Trainer
Meghashyam Sinkar
Pentagraph Wealth Management
QPFP Trainer
Mukesh Jindal
Alpha Capital
Mukul Agarwal
Mukul Agarwal
Circle Wealth Advisors
Nikhil Kothari
Etica Wealth Management
Nisha Sanghavi
Nisha Sanghavi
Nitesh Buddhadev
Nimit Wealth Management
Puneet Agarwal
Prathiba Girish
Nikhil Karnik
W2D Finverse
Puneet Oberoi
Excellent Investment Advisorz
Ramesh Bhat
Rohit Shah
Getting You Rich
QPFP Trainer
Col. Sanjeev Govila
Hum Fauji Financial Services Pvt. Ltd
QPFP Trainer
Shailendra Kumar
Shalini Dhawan
PlanAhead Wealth Advisors
Suresh Sadagopan
Ladder7 Financial Advisors
Suresh A
Viral Bhatt
Money Mantra
Vivek Shah
Vishal Dhawan
Dipin Chachlani
Program Manager
Sadique Neelgund
Director, QPFP Certification Program

QPFP Empanelled Coaches

QPFP Certification has a very practical approach encouraging candidates to put the learnings into action with their clients or family. QPFP Coaches are senior and qualified practitioners who have volunteered to help the next generation of financial advisors implement learnings from classroom in real life.

Bhuvanaa Shreeram
Co-Founder- House of Alpha
Balvir Chawla
Finnovators Solutions
Lakshmipathi Yelam
Nikhil Karnik
W2D Finverse
Rajeshwar Reddy
Sandeep Sahni
Meghashyam Sinkar