August 15, 2013

REFRAME, REFRAME and REFRAME – Happy Independence Day!

Kanak Jain


Everything is the outcome of an idea. Say, if you were to look around and observe for a moment you’d be more aware that everything is the result of an idea. The light, fan, air conditioner,  pen or whatever…the list is endless. Even the car, the petrol or the diesel which is used as a fuel to run the vehicle. Everything originates first as an idea and gets added with force when it appears to the world as a useful product. Till then its only something merely to be imagined and we all know that how beautifully imagination leads to creation.

The point here is that whatever we do today might not appear to be the best but if one can consistently move forward with it , it slowly begins to take a solid shape. Lots of opportunity and ideas are floating around us now which when identified will make the way we work or see things today become history.

Now the question is, how to come up with these ideas and what should we do in order to generate abundance for the human race and also for ourselves.  The solution is “remove the weeds”. We have so much in our mind which has deep roots in the form of “belief “. We simply need to challenge the same and pluck it out. We cannot expect a new tree to grow on a soil which is not fertile or full of weeds. We will first remove the weeds and make the soil usable. Then only nature will shower upon its bliss and the small seed begins to develop into a large  tree.

The seed requires all the essential conditions to grow. And the first thing  is to have  fertile soil.  For human  the biggest challenge is weed in the form of belief which unconsciously becomes a limitation, not allowing us to move as much as our true potential would allow us to. We cannot progress or generate new ideas until and unless we have a free and fertile space to work upon. We need to unlearn many things in order to learn new ones.

Talking about ideas is easy, coming out with an idea is even easier. Everything is easy in fact. Its all in the mind. We need to simply do one thing and that is… REFRAME , REFRAME and REFRAME.  All ideas are a result of fantastic  reframing.  Air was put to use in AC and was used to produce cooling .

Electricity is used in different forms. Electricity is one but the use is in form of air conditioning, heating or lighting or running computers etc. One electricity is used in various forms and all are very powerful ways to use the same thing. Similarly, each and everything we do or possess can be put to its best use. We need to just reframe the same .

Some examples of reframing – Korea used to have the time ticker on the red traffic light. This really worked for them. China implemented the same and also put time ticker on the green light.  This resulted in something inverse and people used to speed the car when they saw the green light was about to stop. This resulted in accident and mishaps. This is an example of wrong implementation of the idea.

Now, we have certain belief systems  like one should do hard work in order to earn money. Some people say it should be smart work.  I would say this is merely a belief. And belief systems that act as a barrier in your life are of no good. They will never generate any goodness, neither for you nor humanity. Whenever I am conducting a workshop and I ask participants about one thing which they will do any time or even during their working hours.

One thing they are passionate about and one thing they love to do. All of them have something to share. Some say its swimming, for some its cooking, for some its reading or writing or playing basketball or cricket . The point here is IF some one is doing something he or she enjoys to do he is neither doing hard work nor he is doing smart work. He is doing a work which he ENJOYS.

Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangesker and Navjot Singh Sidhu did what they enjoyed and put their uniqueness in their profession. They enjoyed and are never bored of doing the same thing again and again. It takes only “love “to earn money. If you love doing something, you radiate love when you do the job or work. When you radiate love you attract people towards your work. This amplifies and you create prosperity for not only yourself but for others too.

There are various belief systems related to our own profession :

  1. You need money to make money – There are so many examples of people who had not a single penny . But they created whole lot of wealth and happiness not only for themselves but for millions of people. Some of the examples are Sri Dhirubhai Ambani who made one of the worlds most finest refineries in the world. On the other hand we have Mother Teresa who came to a place where she knew no one and with her work attracted millions of dollar for her humanitarian work .Till date contributions keep flowing in even though she is not present.


  1. Mutual Fund in India will take years to grow. It cannot be a common peoples saving instrument. It is risky. It has lot of compliance issue. All taken, but what is life? Well, is it about finding yourself . Is it about finding ways. I think it is all about creating yourself, reinventing yourself and reframing yourself. We all need to just break the belief system and move out of it. It took only a moment to break the belief that earth is flat . After this people started moving far far away. Before this belief was broken no one was moving too far from his place of origin.


  1. I am  scared, so I cannot begin. Courage is not absence of fear. It is just the  will to do good. When a mind is prepared to do something, none on this earth will be able to stop him. On the other hand the universe will have its own ways to help you achieve all that you want. Getting scared of what we want to do is either we don’t have faith in what we are doing or we are just procrastinating.


Finally, I  would say that it takes only one gut to do things . It takes only one blink to make things happen. All the past will become a history and no one will even bother to think about the same. We don’t think of darkness because we have invented light. We don’t think of falling when we fly. We just fly in an aeroplane. We just don’t depend on the letter to come to us and inform us. We have all the technology to update us immediately.

All that is present today was always unbelievable. All that is not now is unbelievable for today. And when it will be present tomorrow it shall emerge as truth.  Lets dare to dream and believe in the unbelievable. One time, every time.

On this note I also a Happy Independence Day to all my dear advisor friends!

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