October 17, 2017

Relevance of Diwali & Finance, as conceived by our Sages

Gaurav Mashruwala
Financial Planner, Author, Speaker, Columnist

Relevance of Diwali & Finance, as conceived by our Sages 


We all know financial planning cannot be done in pockets. For the process to be effective we need to make it holistic. To bring deep contentment, peace, and enjoyment one needs to go through a process.

We were lucky enough to get the learnings of finances through our studies and other experiences but never know Diwali celebrations days will be allied with Financial literacy. Do watch video shared by Gaurav Mashruwala on the relevance of Diwali,  as conceived by Sages.  

Below are the learnings of Diwali days & Finances 

First Day: Financial Knowledge

Second Day: Health

Third Day: Behavourial Finance

Fourth Day:  Worship of 3 days learnings

Fifth Day: Giving a bonus to employees like “Esops”

Sixth Day: Financial Safety for Women

Seventh Day: Enjoy your wealth

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