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Grill your clients hard for a super effective data gathering

Sadique Neelgund
March 15, 2011

Reading Time: 6 minutes During the data gathering meeting, dont be apprehensive about upsetting your prospective clients, just do your job… just be a financial planner who is genuinely interested in helping his/her clients! And also achieve more than just collecting numbers during the 2-3 hours you spend with the client.

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Easiest way to make tough clients pay FP fees

Sadique Neelgund
February 21, 2011

Reading Time: 5 minutes Clients pay us when they see some concrete value in our services, we need to quantify the value in some way. Here is one of the ways to show prospects the value that we can bring to table. many people have a habit of procastinating and they know it – show prospective clients what they might loose by not getting a financial plan done “now”.

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Use FP Pyramid to prioritize goals for confused souls

Sadique Neelgund
February 20, 2011

Reading Time: 5 minutes Setting and prioritizing goals is a very critical step, client’s expectation from a financial planner depends on this step and helps you both to be on a common page. Usually clients talk about primary goals but when you expose them to Financial Planning Pyramid approach, they understand the bigger picture of financial planning and also differentiate you from other financial intermediaries.

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