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7 Avenues to Build a Solid Content Strategy & How it Helps Advisors?

Sadique Neelgund
August 26, 2014

Reading Time: 6 minutes In the digital world, they say, content is king ! There are several ways you can can build personal finance contents and there are many benefits to it. This can show your thought leadership, help to acquire new clients, get you media opportunities and help to retain existing clients.

Smitha Hari, Blog Editor and Rohit Shah, Founder at Getting You Rich shares several useful tips in this article. They argue that this can be a game changer and bring in significant results.

Do you like this idea? What’s your content strategy? Please add your comments in the article page.

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Twitter for Financial Advisors… Getting Started and Using It

Ronak Hindocha
March 12, 2014

Reading Time: 5 minutes Twitter has become one of the most popular social medias. But twitter for financial advisors… Are they active? What do they do? If I have to setup my twitter account what do I need to do? Can twitter be a lead generation engine? What should I tweet about? How do I get followers?

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In future, the best firms won’t find new clients; the new clients will find them!

Michael Kitces
Head of Planning Strategy, Buckingham Wealth Partners
May 21, 2012

Reading Time: 5 minutes As the financial planning world continues its journey into the digital age, marketing and growing a financial planning practice faces new challenges. Some firms suffer as traditional methods no longer work the way they once did, while others struggle to implement new strategies like blogging and social media without any clear strategy or understanding of how to do it successfully. In this scenario how to capitalize on the world of the future where you don’t find the clients, but the clients find you.

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