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How critical is critical illness cover for your clients?

Mohini Mahadevia
Founder at SOLUFIN
May 21, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes As advisors, we are expected to know all about various options available to our clients, be it strategies or financial products. While it is humanly impossible to literally know-it-all, it is definitely possible to keep up with the changes and new developments and keep oneself abreast of various features of financial products. This article, we shed some light on the “Critical Illness Policy” to enable you to be in a position to advise your clients about whether or not to buy this product.

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What is the best way to have the,  Retail Segment Invest with you?

Sharan Patil
Entrepreneur,Investor & Educator
May 3, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes If someone asks us, “who is the ‘ideal’ client for you?”, majority of us will instinctively say a client who falls in the high income or HNI category. The blue chips of our client base. While this rationale is not illogical, it often leads us to overlook the entire middle class, growing income group of clients. In this article, Sharan Patil shares his insights on how to target this segment and make them the brand ambassadors of your Business.

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Network FP’s Response to SEBI’s Consultation Paper on RIA

Sadique Neelgund
October 27, 2016

Reading Time: 8 minutes Network FP on behalf of its members has sent a response to SEBI on it’s Consultation Paper on Amendments / Clarification to the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations 2013. The inputs for this response were given by NFP ProMembers and NFP Advisory Board. The draft of this response has been reviewed & approved by majority of the Network FP Members who comprise of CFPs, RIAs & IFAs.

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Five Key Gaps in Advisory Practice that Advisors have to Overcome for Success

Rajendra Kalur
Chief Executive Officer
June 19, 2014

Reading Time: 4 minutes Rajendra Kalur, Director & CEO of TurstPlutus Wealth Managers says that post the new SEBI Advisor Regulations, we should reshape our business models and mirror the client expectations. He analyzes what went wrong with advisory practice and how the focus has shifted on investment advisers post 2008. Based on his observation, here are 5 key gaps that exist in the current advisory model with most financial advisors and shares the secrets of how to overcome these gaps.

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6 Types of Financial Advisors – Be the Sixth Type !

Dinesh Jain
March 19, 2014

Reading Time: 3 minutes We as advisors have different experience, skill set and attributes. So is there a way we can generalize? Here is an attempt to categorize financial advisors

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