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What is the best way to have the,  Retail Segment Invest with you?

Sharan Patil
Entrepreneur,Investor & Educator
May 3, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes If someone asks us, “who is the ‘ideal’ client for you?”, majority of us will instinctively say a client who falls in the high income or HNI category. The blue chips of our client base. While this rationale is not illogical, it often leads us to overlook the entire middle class, growing income group of clients. In this article, Sharan Patil shares his insights on how to target this segment and make them the brand ambassadors of your Business.

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10 Ways to Acquire Clients & Grow Your Financial Planning Practice

Nandish Desai
June 7, 2012

Reading Time: 5 minutes Financial Planning is not a traditional service or goods and it can’t be marketed using traditional methods. This business has its own dynamics and it is really very important to try new ways with different clients. Nandish Desai, Financial Coach at has successfully established financial coaching business. In this article he shares his experience of how to deal with prospects to convert them as clients and grow your financial planning practice.

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