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10 Digital Tools to Increase Small Business Productivity

Viral Bhatt
Founder, Money Mantra
April 7, 2020

Reading Time: 7 minutes How many of us have wondered what we could have done differently to make work from home work better for us? Have we been in awe with how smoothly some businesses have slipped into working remotely? Have we also secretly harboured the wish to learn some tools that can help us improve our practice and working environment? We need these tools now more than ever to be able to give ourselves a jumpstart into the post covid-19 times. Read today’s article by Mr. Viral Bhatt where he lists some essential technology tools and explains what purpose it serves. One of our most easily adaptable reads, this is sure to help our readers a lot..

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The 5 Pillars of Advisory Technology

Sadique Neelgund
January 7, 2015

Reading Time: 6 minutes Getting clients is not difficult but delivering consistently with a quality standards can be a challenge unless we have setup a technology enabled framework. Managing growth is an issue that most IFAs face but is also an under focused area. Given the market dynamics, regulatory framework and early phase of advisory model in India, many of us prefer to grow in an incremental manner. So this means we don’t design for growth, we take it as and when it comes. Having an integrated view of your business with technology included can significantly be a winning point, in the long term. In this article, Faizal Bag, Managing Director at Pulse Labs Research & Technology Solution gives a Bird’s Eye view of pillars of advisory profession and suggests to look at different models of integrating technology platforms.

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Extremely Useful Application – Use an Online Password Manager!

Gajendra Kothari
MD & CEO, Etica Wealth Management Pvt Ltd
June 8, 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently I shared this fantastic application with our clients through our newsletter and I thought it will equally useful to financial planners & advisors. So here is one online application which I certainly believe will change yours and your clients experience as far as their digital life is concerned – LastPass: An Online Password Manager

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Do the current technology platforms match upto the advisor needs?

Suresh Sadagopan
CEO, Ladder7 Wealth Planners Pvt. Ltd.
April 29, 2013

Reading Time: 6 minutes Platforms and Technology is very important to doing business today. The tech providers should understand their role and assist advisors in their business, instead of thinking they are partnering with them and are business co-owners.

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Technology will improve planning process, but can never replace Financial Planners!

Michael Kitces
Head of Planning Strategy, Buckingham Wealth Partners
June 18, 2012

Reading Time: 7 minutes In past few years… there have been many websites, technology platforms and softwares which are promising investors (who are our clients and prospects) to help them manage their money on their own and generate & monitor their own financial plans. Will this mean the financial planners will be replaced by technology solutions as and how they get more advanced and clients become accustomed to these solutions?

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Tech tools to increase your efficiency in advisory process

Sadique Neelgund
January 19, 2012

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the financial service world, there are numerous examples of gadgets that may be used by financial advisors. From desktop tools to software to peripheral equipment, there are a variety of such items from which advisors can choose. The challenge is finding those tools that can actually improve the efficiency of the financial advisor instead of creating an unnecessary distraction.

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