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Mutli Level Service Suite – Let’s create opportunities for youngisthan !

Bhuvanaa Shreeram
Certified Financial Planner, Plan2Prosper
January 14, 2014

Reading Time: 4 minutes Clients with various levels of assets and fee paying capabilities have to be served. Their needs and expectations differ as they move ahead in their careers and financial life. Solution – segment them and give them a multi layered service offering. On the other hand, there are planners who are just graduating from college full of technical skills and energy but lacking in relational skills. This article talks about mapping client segments to planner career levels.

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Planners target the wealthiest 1-2%… need to reach out to Aam Admi !

Suresh Sadagopan
CEO, Ladder7 Wealth Planners Pvt. Ltd.
January 10, 2014

Reading Time: 5 minutes Most financial planners are targeting the wealthiest 1-2% of the population. Our current practices and our cost structures do not allow us to service the main stream population. As a result of this, financial planning is not popular among the public. The public views financial planning as a niche service for the wealthy section of the population.

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We Need a National Level Powerful Body for Financial Planners / Advisors

Karthik Jhaveri
September 10, 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is nice to see so many associations taking shape across the country. Congratulations to all of us for coming together. Superb movement! On a local level there is much to gain for members of such bodies and associations; however on a larger level for all of us as an industry we need something larger. Kartik Jhaveri feels we need something even more powerful and makes a case for it.

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Power of Subconscious Mind in Investor’s Risk Tolerance & Risk Taking Capacity

Dilshad Billimoria
Director Dilzer Consultants Pvt Ltd: SEBI Registered Investment Advisor
August 12, 2013

Reading Time: 5 minutes There are many questionnaires and software’s available in the market today to measure risk tolerance; but the human mind feasts on irrationality and sometimes, the logic of a well laid out set of questions, graphs, and plans falls in the flush.

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7 Lessons Financial Planners Should Learn from Milkha Singh!

Sadique Neelgund
July 30, 2013

Reading Time: 4 minutes Milkha Singh shared his true story to production team of movie and got involved in making.This movie is perfect example showcasing “Hard work, Willpower and Dedication” of common man to become a successful athlete.

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Download & Checkout this Simple & Easy Do-it-Yourself Financial Planning Guide

Sadique Neelgund
June 14, 2013

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here is a very small, simple and easy to understand Do-it-Yourself Financial Planning Guide for consumers. This guide helps the investors to understand the components of financial planning with the help of basic concepts & terminology and a ready for action workings on top four goals / objectives of most individuals / families.

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Extremely Useful Application – Use an Online Password Manager!

Gajendra Kothari
MD & CEO, Etica Wealth Management Pvt Ltd
June 8, 2013

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently I shared this fantastic application with our clients through our newsletter and I thought it will equally useful to financial planners & advisors. So here is one online application which I certainly believe will change yours and your clients experience as far as their digital life is concerned – LastPass: An Online Password Manager

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Do the current technology platforms match upto the advisor needs?

Suresh Sadagopan
CEO, Ladder7 Wealth Planners Pvt. Ltd.
April 29, 2013

Reading Time: 6 minutes Platforms and Technology is very important to doing business today. The tech providers should understand their role and assist advisors in their business, instead of thinking they are partnering with them and are business co-owners.

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Direct Plans are not a threat to genuine Financial Planners/Advisors

Lovaii Navlakhi
Founder & CEO, International Money Matters Pvt. Ltd
March 13, 2013

Reading Time: 4 minutes Industry estimates put the difference in expenses of the two plans – direct plan and regular plan anywhere between 0.5% to 1% p.a. for equity funds, 0.1% to 0.4% p.a. for debt funds and 0.05% to 0.15% p.a. for liquid funds. Hence Direct plans are likely to give a return higher by that much year on year when compared to regular plans; and with compounding over a long period of time, this difference could be significant. So is this benefit big enough for your investor to want to forego your services?

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Life of Advisor = Life of Pi who had to live with Richard Parker

Suresh Sadagopan
CEO, Ladder7 Wealth Planners Pvt. Ltd.
February 5, 2013

Reading Time: 5 minutes With new Investment Advisor Regulations kicking in, instead of being in denial, advisors should move forward and embrace change. This is just the beginning. It is like Pi finding himself with Richard Parker in the boat. We have a long journey ahead and storms to face and survive in future. Pi had remarked –“Richard Parker – it is because of you I’m alive. You keep me alert day and night and ensure that I lived all these days”.

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