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Your Community Has Your Back!

Prathiba Girish
Founder at Finwise Personal Finance Solutions
June 14, 2022

Reading Time: 3 minutes I often wonder what is the one thing which has made a huge difference to the progress made in our practice – ONE THING without which the success achieved would have been half of what it is today. I am sure this question will elicit a different response from different people.  It is also dependent […]

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Leadership Lessons from a Mental Toughness Coach of Cricket

Varun Girilal
Executive Director and Co Founder, Mirtaz Wealth
May 5, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes We often come up against challenges that test our leadership skills, professionally more so. We are naturally called-for to lead our team, sometimes our clients from the front and also the members of our professional fraternity. So, from where do we procure specific skill sets in our day to day lives? Sports can be a salient source of learning some great leadership lessons for life. Today, Varun Girilal helps us understand some very basic yet practicable leadership skills that are extracted from the sports community and its conduct. Read on to understand the linking leadership lessons and India’s one true love i.e. cricket and how you can hone your leadership skills…

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A time tested, sure shot process for continuously acquiring clients!

Bhuvanaa Shreeram
Certified Financial Planner, Plan2Prosper
April 26, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes We often forget that regardless of how good we are at our craft, we cannot make a living out of it till we have a market for it. We might not always have a ready market for it and may have to create one.

In this Article, Bhuvana Shreeram talks about her journey of acquiring clients and shares tips on how with some simple ways we can all attract constant better client prospects!

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Minimum Ideal Practice of a Financial Advisor

Sadique Neelgund
September 12, 2016

Reading Time: 4 minutes We come across many Financial Advisors who seem to be constantly in search of and in pursuit of an ideal practice. For an Independent Advisor, there is no end to aspiration and no end to perfection. This may lead to unrest and impacts quality of life. An advisor should first strive hard to reach a minimum ideal practice and then on try to grow constantly but with a proper work-life balance.

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7 Lessons Financial Planners Should Learn from Milkha Singh!

Sadique Neelgund
July 30, 2013

Reading Time: 4 minutes Milkha Singh shared his true story to production team of movie and got involved in making.This movie is perfect example showcasing “Hard work, Willpower and Dedication” of common man to become a successful athlete.

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