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How to distribute 60% of your time in prospecting for clients?

Bhuvanaa Shreeram
Certified Financial Planner, Plan2Prosper
August 18, 2017

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you hate your business, you can afford to hate Sales! Sales usually don’t get the importance it deserves. Read on for an interesting perspective from a seasoned professional Bhuvana Shreeram on how to distribute 60% of your time in prospecting for clients.

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Convert your Prospects into Clients in 10 mins – 6 secrets revealed !

Sadique Neelgund
September 25, 2013

Reading Time: 9 minutes Manish Chauhan at Jagoinvestor has dealt with various kind of clients from different parts of India and NRI’s from abroad. In this post, he shares with advisors some open secrets which they have learnt over the years about converting prospects into clients. They are not fancy secrets, but some basic lessons but often ignored by financial planners or investment advisors. These basic learning’s will help you while dealing with a new prospect, and chances of his/her becoming your client will increase considerably.

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10 Ways to Acquire Clients & Grow Your Financial Planning Practice

Nandish Desai
June 7, 2012

Reading Time: 5 minutes Financial Planning is not a traditional service or goods and it can’t be marketed using traditional methods. This business has its own dynamics and it is really very important to try new ways with different clients. Nandish Desai, Financial Coach at has successfully established financial coaching business. In this article he shares his experience of how to deal with prospects to convert them as clients and grow your financial planning practice.

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