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$ The Dollar Dream – Does it make sense to invest in Dollars?

D V Suresh
Certified Financial Planner
May 29, 2017

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rupee is weak against a US dollar and holding money or investment in Dollar terms fetches more is a thought we hear day in day out. So digging out deeper to understand if it really makes sense to hold on to Dollar investments. He shares his thoughts on how NRI’s can benefit if they invest in India with proper guidance of financial advisors and repatriate the investment proceeds and still make decent returns. We feel Indian currency to be weak and do not value holding it. But what if i say that Indian rupee is more valuable than the dollar. Cant believe it right! Read this knowledgable article by DV Suresh, where he makes a case with proper illustrations & the history of Rupee Devaluation against US dollars.

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Focus on STPs. Not just SIPs.

Brijesh Dalmia
Founder, Dalmia Advisory Services Pvt Ltd
August 8, 2016

Reading Time: 3 minutes Brijesh Dalmia is a leading IFA and the founder of ‘Dalmia Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.’ based out of Kolkata. Brijesh is also an author and motivational speaker in the area of Life, Leadership and Personal Development. He is the founder of ‘The Brijesh Dalmia Leadership Company’. As a life coach he has helped many individuals live a happier, fulfilling and satisfying life. He is a CFP, LUTCF and LMF.

In this article, he urges why and how IFAs should focus on Systematic Transfer Plans (STP) instead of Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) to build AUMs faster and maintain healthy Equity to Debt AUM. Brijesh Dalmia’s STP Sales Presenter* is popularly used by many IFAs across the country to explain potential investors the concept of STP through various examples, comparison with fixed deposit, actual STP performance of few schemes, taxation, capital appreciation & accelerated amount transfer illustrations, goal based solutions and many other information.

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Stars are not Born (Including Star Fund Managers)

Sadique Neelgund
September 11, 2014

Reading Time: 4 minutes Sandip Sabaharwal gives various examples to explain how star performers who achieve something, create an impact for their organization and are always watched, The organizations will have dependency on them. They may have low cycles of performance but they eventually bounce back.

Sandip identifies 7 tips to be a star in any industry. Thinking process, personality, skill set, ability to look in to the future, innovation, ability to bounce back and perseverance are the differentiators, he suggests.

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