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And Ratnakar became Maharishi Valmiki…

Amit Trivedi
Owner, Karmayog Knowledge Academy
June 4, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Once upon a time, there was a very skilful hunter named Ratnakar. He was not just a hunter; he was a cruel and fearless thief. He was living in the forests and whoever passed by that forest would be stopped and Ratnakar would rob them off all their possessions. He would feed his family through […]

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Leadership Lessons from a Mental Toughness Coach of Cricket

Varun Girilal
Executive Director and Co Founder, Mirtaz Wealth
May 5, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes We often come up against challenges that test our leadership skills, professionally more so. We are naturally called-for to lead our team, sometimes our clients from the front and also the members of our professional fraternity. So, from where do we procure specific skill sets in our day to day lives? Sports can be a salient source of learning some great leadership lessons for life. Today, Varun Girilal helps us understand some very basic yet practicable leadership skills that are extracted from the sports community and its conduct. Read on to understand the linking leadership lessons and India’s one true love i.e. cricket and how you can hone your leadership skills…

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Sometimes “No” is the kindest word.

Sujata Kabraji
Independant Financial Advisor
April 14, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes How many times have we heard or said to ourselves that we must never say no to business that comes to us? It’s part of our work ethic to always accept business, and not say no. But we often see situations when this business ends up draining our energy, productivity and sometimes the morale to work too. The reasons for this may be different, but it basically means you are not achieving what is intended out of the business. Today, Ms. Sujata Kabraji talks to us about saying “no” to business- why and when should we do that? By sharing a personal experience, she tells us that it’s okay to sometimes say NO…

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10 Digital Tools to Increase Small Business Productivity

Viral Bhatt
Founder, Money Mantra
April 7, 2020

Reading Time: 7 minutes How many of us have wondered what we could have done differently to make work from home work better for us? Have we been in awe with how smoothly some businesses have slipped into working remotely? Have we also secretly harboured the wish to learn some tools that can help us improve our practice and working environment? We need these tools now more than ever to be able to give ourselves a jumpstart into the post covid-19 times. Read today’s article by Mr. Viral Bhatt where he lists some essential technology tools and explains what purpose it serves. One of our most easily adaptable reads, this is sure to help our readers a lot..

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Why is ethics the corner stone of financial advisory business

Jimmy Patel
MD & CEO, Quantum Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.
December 24, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes We all know that to reach our destination of attaining professional success and to scale new heights, morality and ethics are as important as the hard work being put in, if not more. However, how often do we find ourselves or some others in our field getting lost along the way? While sometimes its a attitude change, some other times we just do not get the time to keep our actions within the lane of 100% ethical advice. This is where we need to whip out the moral compass and introspect if what we are doing is coinciding with what we want to be. This week’s piece by Jimmy A. Patel will help us remember why we are in this field and what it takes to keep walking down the correct path.

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4 Most Powerful Ps for Financial Advisory Practice Management

Shalini Dhawan
Co Founder & Director
July 30, 2014

Reading Time: 4 minutes Shalini Dhawan, Co Founder of Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors explains how we can use elements of Proposition, Process, People & Plan for building a successful practic in financial planning. In this article she has many questions for us. Before you go build a value proposition, do you know who is your client? What’s your core competency? Do you have plan for yourself?

Read the full receipe for a successful practice in this article.

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8 Killer Myths that Financial Planners Believe in and its killing their Business

Nandish Desai
October 25, 2012

Reading Time: 7 minutes This article will talk about some of the myths, which most financial planners believe in ! These myths are destroying their business and stopping them from growing their advisory practice. Lets talk about them one by one.

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Simple but powerful ideas to build life-long relationships with clients – Marc Freedman, CFP

Marc Freedman
President/CEO Freedman Financial CFP®
August 13, 2012

Reading Time: 5 minutes Imagine if your clients no longer called your office because they were scared about the economic environment, but instead called to refer their friends and neighbors to do business with your firm! Pretty powerful? Yes. Is it possible? Absolutely! What’s the secret? Marc Freedman, CFP Practitioner and President, Freedman Financial based in Boston, USA takes you through some simple, yet honest solutions to building life-long relationships with your clients and prospects.

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Merging or Partnering with a Fellow Planner is all about Commitment!

Sadique Neelgund
July 20, 2012

Reading Time: 5 minutes Since 2002 when I merged my practice with another 2 financial planners, I have been asked to speak or write about small practice mergers and management to planner groups around the world. My colleagues want to learn, not only about the search but also how we got the deal done, how we operate, how we get paid, what may lie ahead, and a host of other topics. I am thrilled to be asked to contribute to a few thoughts to my friends in India.

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Ideal Revenue Stream For Financial Planners Which Suits Clients As Well!

Sadique Neelgund
July 16, 2012

Reading Time: 5 minutes The financial planning profession is so exciting that I have found people jump into it without thinking twice. The perception of importance and respect associated with a financial planner vis-à-vis an agent selling financial products is so much that it is very easy to transform oneself mentally into this new avatar, in many cases, without properly internalizing the income potential additional responsibilities that naturally come to a financial planner.

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