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Book Review – Personal Finance Lessons From The ICU by Amit Trivedi

Kiran Telang
April 27, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hospital ceilings are boring to see. While there’s nothing one can do, our veteran Mr. Amit Trivedi could take a positive leaf out of it too and turned his experience into a wonderful book named Personal Finance Lessons From The ICU. To add to the books ‘ glory here we have its essence captured in the review written by our senior member Kiran Telang. Spare 2 minutes to read the review and maybe a day or 2 to read the book itself! Both would be worth your time!

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Annual Health Retreat… Jindal is an option you will love!

Sadique Neelgund
April 3, 2017

Reading Time: 7 minutes Those of us who are in business/profession, April is a time when we look back to review previous year’s performance and set some goals for the upcoming year. For many in our industry – January, February & March also happens to be busiest period of the year. Before you once again start running and chasing your life and career goals, you might want to consider going for a good health retreat to reward yourself for all the hard work and re-energize yourself for the coming year. Last year, I tried the world famous Jindal Naturecure Institute in Bangalore. I liked it so much that I repeated it this year also. Read on to know more about my experience at Jindal Naturecure Institute in Bangalore.

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