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How to explain Time Value of Money to your Clients?

Hemant Agarwal
Founder, Rupaiyaah
August 23, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes What we do, what we advise, what we implement as financial advisors is based on a very basic concept called the time value of money. While some of us have started our careers on the basis of this first lesson, some others have picked this lesson up along the way. Some of us, however well we understand it, find it tricky to explain it to our clients in a language they understand best.
At Network FP, we understand that learning new things has to be equally balanced with refreshing the things you already know. So let’s dive back to the basics and go through this week’s breezy read by Hemant Agarwal, and see where we stand on the “learn, unlearn and relearn” scale.

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How to convert prospects to clients through your website?

Viral Bhatt
Founder, Money Mantra
August 20, 2019

Reading Time: 5 minutes We are in a profession that involves a client-facing job. Just like we cannot be in isolation from our clients, in today’s digital world, we cannot afford digital isolation. Our business needs a digital footprint for survival. Having a website in place becomes imperative for this. Just how we give importance to our appearance and personality, we must ensure that we have a clean, easy to understand but impressive web presence. This week, we have Mr. Viral Bhatt share with us some basic as well as a few advanced tips on building an effective website. He practices what he preaches-he graciously shares with us a few shots from his own website for reference. Read this post to run a quick check against your existing website or to start planning for a new one now.

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Are you doing enough research before picking a fund?

Hemant Agarwal
Founder, Rupaiyaah
August 14, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes Research. This is a term used very often our field. Sometimes a little too often for it to be an effective exercise. It forms the foundation on which the entire structure of an investment /financial plan stands. A shaky foundation is sure to pose a threat to a structure, no matter how big or beautiful it is. Similarly, advice based on ineffective/ insufficient research is destined to more often than not adversely impact the financial future of your clients- sometimes visibly and sometimes not so visibly. Let us not leave any stone unturned to ensure our research always does justice to our advice. Mr. Kaustubh Belapurkar, Director Manager Research, reinforces why research plays an irreplaceable role in advisory. Read on to know more…

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The Future of Advisory

Prathiba Girish
Founder at Finwise Personal Finance Solutions
August 12, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nowadays, any discussion involving our profession definitely has pessimistic undertones of uncertainty about the future of our industry and how changes are “making life difficult” for advisors. This week, we have Pratibha Girish give us a truthful and realistic take on what its going to take to survive in this industry going forward. She talks straight from the heart with no wrappers of fake idealism, at the same time painting bold strokes of pragmatism necessary for bringing a shift in practice management.

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Key Learnings from Network FP Regional Conclave’19: Mumbai

Vivek Shah
Founder & CEO, Finrise Financial Planners
August 9, 2019

Reading Time: 8 minutes In light of this objective to help financial advisors move from untruth to truth and from ignorance to knowledge, the Network FP Regional Conclave 2019 came to its last destination in Mumbai after traveling to 9 cities empowering and illuminating almost 1000 financial advisors. We had around 150 advisors in the room charged up for learning, unlearning and relearning which would help them to prosper, grow, be happy and make a positive change in their client’s life. Read this Article by our chair of Mumbai conclave Mr. Vivek Shah to read along the learnings from each session.

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Active learning about Passive Investing

Chintan Haria
Vice President ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited
August 8, 2019

Reading Time: 5 minutes A few tumultuous months and everyone starts questioning the decision to invest in actively managed mutual funds. A debate of active v/s passive investing flares up. We believe that for us as advisors to have any view/opinion on a matter concerning investment decisions of our clients, we must have adequate knowledge to support that opinion. This week, we have Mr. Chintan Haria, Fund Manager and Head- Products Development & Strategy discuss passive investing with us. Read on to understand this category or merely refresh fast facts about the same.

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Key Learnings from Network FP Regional Conclave’19: Thane

Yogendra Joshi
Director, Moneybolism Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd
August 6, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes “EARNING is a part of LEARNING “. Many of us feel that our education ends once we are out of college. And frankly our education system (any stream you take) is missing the practical aspect and a continuous learning system. We, at Network FP are trying to change that. The Regional Conclaves were one such step in this direction. We as professionals have various challenges including challenges from the markets, Behavior of clients and even our own mindset. The Thane conclave perfectly addressed these key issues through knowledge sharing by the industry experts which was well appreciated by all the delegates. Yogendra Joshi systematically wrote an article comprising of takeaways of individual speakers who spoke at the Thane Conclave.

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Is your client an Abhimanyu in a Chakravyuh?

Amit Trivedi
Owner, Karmayog Knowledge Academy
August 2, 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes Look before you leap- how often have we heard of this proverb? A lot of times, right from our childhood. How often do we apply this to decisions that we make in the course of our lives? Well, let’s take a step ahead and evaluate if our clients implement this while making their investment decisions. How can we caution them to think before taking major financial decisions? Mr. Amit Trivedi is back with the next article from his series of articles connecting the epics of Mahabharatha and personal finance with financial behavior. Read on to identify the “Abhimanyu’s” from amongst your clients and those you know…

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Key Learnings from Network FP Regional Conclave’19: Navi Mumbai

Nisha Sanghavi
Founder, Fynomics and Co-founder, Promore Fintech Private Limited
July 30, 2019

Reading Time: 7 minutes After the success of the Regional Conclaves 2019 all over India, we now transition our journey to Mumbai. Our first stop in this city was Vashi, Navi Mumbai on 25th July 2019. We had speakers from across all over Mumbai discussing the path that led them to their present position. Every attendee took away something that can be inculcated in their daily life and practice. They gained a new perspective on how things could work. The enthusiasm of aamchi Mumbai was unmatched. The regional task force as well as the attendees were all active participants not just for the talks but also for a little song,dance and games session. Read this article penned by the Navi Mumbai Conclave Chair, Nisha Sanghavi who shares a gist of the takeaways from the talks of the various speakers who spoke that day.

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Key Learnings from Network FP Regional Conclave’19: Ahmedabad

Apurva Gandhi
Financial Planner, Leading Edge
July 27, 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes A power-packed 2nd edition of the Network FP Regional Conclaves, 2019 was held in Ahmedabad on 23rdJuly 2019 at Hotel Radisson Blu. The basic requirement for being a financial advisor is knowledge in the areas of finance and investments. You can upgrade your knowledge from insights shared by managers of funds and other practitioners, and this is what we envisioned for this conclave. We walked away with some diverse perspectives within the investment advisory business which went over and beyond our expectations. We could garner insights from mid-sized practitioners as well as big picture thinkers. The ideas were diverse, easy to understand and actionable. Read this Article by Ahmedabad Chair, Apurva Gandhi.

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