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5 Ways For Building Trust With Clients For Better Conversion

Sadique Neelgund
June 29, 2018

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s very essential to gather trust of the client. While building trust happens over the years, a simple process can help you delve into their personal and life goals. Read this article written by Brijesh Parikh on how to build trust with clients for better Conversion and Creating an Exit Barrier for your Clients.

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How To Convey Value Proposition Of Advisory To Clients?

Kalpesh Ashar
Founder, Full Circle Financial Planners & Advisors
June 21, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most of us keep thinking on ‘How to convey the value proposition of advisory services to our clients’ and keep looking for external resources to do so, while at times the actual resource might be within us. Here’s a simple and interesting article ‘Satyam Saralam Spashtam’ by our ProMember Mr. Kalpesh Ashar with his Bollywood tadka to it!

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Employees Are First Level Customers

Dilshad Billimoria
Director Dilzer Consultants Pvt Ltd: SEBI Registered Investment Advisor
June 15, 2018

Reading Time: 2 minutes Do you plan to build a Team? Or if you already have a team, how do you ensure they stay with you for long? Employees are the most important assets of every organisation. They are the backbone on which lays the strong foundation of the company. The question is: Are we taking good care of our employees, their well-being, and growth? Read this thought-provoking article to understand the nuances.

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16 Debt Fund Categories: Simplified ‘To Do’ for You

Joydeep Sen
June 7, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes Have debt funds as a category always been something that you avoid delving too much into? Especially when the new SEBI mandate has just increased the number to 16 categories within debt itself. Here’s an article that will help you understand debt funds in current scenario little better and what you should do…

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The Unique Ability of Mind Maps

Yogin Sabnis
VSK Financial Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
June 1, 2018

Reading Time: 5 minutes Do you find it difficult to make your client understand financial planning Concepts? If you want to simplify your customer needs or financial planning you can always make use of MindMap. It has the unique ability to simplify, leaves a lasting impact on individual minds, helps to collate things easily and communicates instantly. Read on to know more on How MindMaps are useful in simplifying and organizing loads of information.

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13 Ways to Generate Quality Leads

Taressh Bhatia
Financial Freedom Specialist
May 25, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes Amongst the multiple ways to grow your business, one key method is leads. While leads can be bought openly from the market, getting quality lead is a challenge. Read this article to Learn new ways to generate more and more quality leads to grow your business.

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New Scheme Names, New Investor Concerns: What Should You Do?

Amit Trivedi
Owner, Karmayog Knowledge Academy
May 18, 2018

Reading Time: 4 minutes While the new initiative by SEBI on scheme re-categorisation adds a bit of confusion to everyone’s life, here’s an article that clarifies all your queries and shows you how to smoothen your way ahead in this new regulatory change by Amit Trivedi

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5 Point Checklist for IFA’s Growth and Success

Nandish Desai
May 11, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes When was the last time you looked into your mirror and saw yourself as a successful entrepreneur? If you haven’t, the time is now. Read on to the article by Nandish Desai on making the checklists of your growth and success.

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Why your Professional Competence Matters very Little to the Clients?

Sanjeev Govila
CEO, Hum Fauji Initiatives
May 4, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes The best of the financial product, returns or technical prowess cannot beat the element of human touch and hand-holding that financial planners add to the life of their client. Read on to an insightful article by Col Sanjeev Govila on how you can maintain a relationship with your client.

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Book Review – Personal Finance Lessons From The ICU by Amit Trivedi

Kiran Telang
April 27, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hospital ceilings are boring to see. While there’s nothing one can do, our veteran Mr. Amit Trivedi could take a positive leaf out of it too and turned his experience into a wonderful book named Personal Finance Lessons From The ICU. To add to the books ‘ glory here we have its essence captured in the review written by our senior member Kiran Telang. Spare 2 minutes to read the review and maybe a day or 2 to read the book itself! Both would be worth your time!

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