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Client handholding: In good times and bad

Mohini Mahadevia
Founder at SOLUFIN
September 8, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes As advisors, we are expected to lead the client to experience financial success and bliss, financial freedom and the realisation of their dreams. While this cannot be disputed, there is another very important responsibility that we must fulfil at all costs- leading them through personal crisis and disasters. More often than not, these come out […]

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Overcoming blind spots to make important decisions

Amit Trivedi
Owner, Karmayog Knowledge Academy
September 2, 2020

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is a very interesting incident that took place with a professor at the Columbia University, who was a pioneer in the study of decision analysis. Once upon a time, former faculty member Howard Raiffa, a pioneer in the study of decision analysis, was offered a position at Harvard, which was considered a step up […]

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Retirement solutions – Can you actually think long term as an advisor?

Prathiba Girish
Founder at Finwise Personal Finance Solutions
August 25, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes Financial planning for retired clients is quite different from that for someone who is still in the accumulation phase.  As an advisor it comes with a complete set of new dilemmas. Many of the products we know which are intrinsically suitable and good for the customer come with zero revenue for us.   Why then should […]

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ESG: A new fad or a trend to follow?

Suresh Sadagopan
CEO, Ladder7 Wealth Planners Pvt. Ltd.
August 18, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are winds of change sweeping in the investment world. Over the years, the investment landscape has undergone changes. There are concerns that go beyond just the financial numbers that the companies put out. Over time, Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) aspects have become very important parameters to evaluate a company’s investment worthiness & it’s inclusion […]

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Embedded Value of a Life Insurance Company

Rajaraman Radhakrishnan
Head - Sales Support Strategy and Training at Shriram Life Insurance
August 11, 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes In India currently we have 24 life insurers including the PSU giant LIC of India. Typically, life insurance business is a capital intensive financial services business with a long gestation period of profitability. The financial results of a life insurance company are complex to analyse. They are prepared in accordance with the regulatory and actuarial […]

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SFA Summit lessons from the best: Humility

Amit Trivedi
Owner, Karmayog Knowledge Academy
August 4, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes Almost a year back, we wrote an article about how Lord Hanuman taught humility lessons to Bheem. ( During the SFA Summit 2020, we saw humility in action. On day 1, the first speaker was Amit Biwalkar, and he said something that many found impossible to believe. He said, he gets butterflies in the stomach […]

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Are you spending 4 hours on Sharpening your Axe?

Amar Pandit
Founder, Happyness factory
July 14, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes I know that your work is not easy. According to a senior industry executive “An IFA’s stress is at the highest level today while confidence is at the lowest level”. This is because of several reasons: You have to justify events that are beyond your control. In fact, you are blamed for these events. You […]

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Making way through unforseen and unprecedented times

Amit Trivedi
Owner, Karmayog Knowledge Academy
July 7, 2020

Reading Time: 4 minutes “This is an unprecedented event. We haven’t seen anything like this before. Nobody saw it coming.” Well, these are some of the most common reactions to the current state of the pandemic and the response of the governments of various countries. How should one react in such situations? How does an advisor handle the clients […]

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Are you really simplifying your client’s life?

Ashish Modani
Founder, SLA Financial Solutions
June 30, 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently one of my family member got into some medical trouble. We rushed him to a Doctor and after examining him, the doctor said, “He is suffering from Acute MI.”  I was like – WHAT?? The Doctor said – he is suffering from Acute Myocardial Infarction. I stood there, confused. The Doctor then said – […]

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Giving a purpose to goal-less investments

Nitesh Buddhadev
Nimit Consultancy
June 23, 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sometimes, life’s best lessons are learned through stories. A foreman, who was given the charge of a gang of extremely lazy labourers, asked them to dig ten feet deep holes near a large steel mill. The lazy workers were further agitated when they were told to dig the holes here and there. As time went […]

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