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A take on: Women & Money

Shweta Jain
Founder, Investography
October 25, 2019

There is nothing today that a woman can’t do. She has proved that she can do whatever she sets her mind to and do it with finesse. Why still, do we see that some women are apprehensive when it comes to handling money and making financial decisions? There is definitely not any lack of ability. So what is it? This week we have someone who speaks to women from all walks of like across age groups and backgrounds. She has come to develop a deep understanding on the dynamic that women share with money. Shweta Jain explains this to us and this should help us serve our women clients and understand women around us when it comes to their financial habits better.

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Will the New ‘Waterfall Approach’ by SEBI make Debt Mutual Funds Safe to invest in?

Jimmy Patel
MD & CEO, Quantum Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.
October 22, 2019

Part of our job as advisors is to constantly keep learning ourselves and be updated with various products, their performance, various risk management strategies, regulatory changes, the impact of these on investment instruments, etc. Refining the knowledge that we have is the only way to keep yourself in top form all the time and ensure the best of client advisory services. This week, we have Jimmy A. Patel, take us through a few regulatory step-ups by SEBI in the debt mutual funds category and helps us understand them and evaluate their impact on the debt fund category. Get ready for a regulations’ class and get a step closer to advising right when it comes to the debt fund category.

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Are you adding value to clients with kids?

Deepesh Mehta
Director, Grow Wealth
October 18, 2019

In the course of advising on financial matters, we often end up sliding into the role of a guide, financially and otherwise. We experience clients coming up to us and asking for our opinion on matters and decisions that aren’t necessarily financial directly. In such cases we become responsible for their life decisions. While this is a position of great privilege, it is also one with supreme responsibility. So, it is out duty to impart advice that goes above and beyond routine and generic tips. This week, Deepesh Mehta tells us in what ways we could add value while helping clients plan for their childrens’ future.

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A leap of faith, belief and trust

Amit Bivalkar
Director, Sapient Wealth Advisors
October 15, 2019

We all aspire to take the next big step in our work life, and in fact even other aspects of our life. Wanting to do this and actually doing it are two different things, separated by the filters of our belief system. This week, we have Amit Bivalkar talk to us about the concepts of trust, belief and faith in an inspirational piece embedded with practical examples. We must all constantly evolve our thought process and psyche and this piece aims at inspiring us into that through the words of someone who has taken that leap of faith and taken his work to new heights.

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8 Motor Insurance Add-ons that will save you money

Purandar Bhavani
Director, India Insure
October 11, 2019

While advising clients about handling their personal finances, we often look for ways and means to add value to other aspects of their life and money. Motor Insurance is one such aspect. While everyone knows about Third Party Liability Insurance being mandatory, most are often not aware about a lot of other benefits made available by insurers. This week’s article talks about 8 such benefits that your clients can opt for to get a superior experience. Mr. Purandar Bhavani breaks down these 8 benefits for us into very simple terms, so that we can extend our area of advisory to Motor Insurance as well.

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Why should you invest out of India?

Neil Parikh
Chairman and CEO, PPFAS Mutual Fund
October 4, 2019

Diversification in investment is one principle most advisors swear by. We talk of diversifying across asset classes, across investment horizons, across market capitalisation, etc. But what happens once we are done diversifying within the domestic market? What more can you do for your clients, that may possibly help you enhance their alpha? International diversification of investments is often not just a way to enhance returns but to also reduce risk(if the markets of the two countries in question have low correlation). In this piece, Mr. Neil Parikh breaks down this concept for us and makes a compelling case for global diversification. Read on to know more.

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The market is a great teacher

Amit Trivedi
Owner, Karmayog Knowledge Academy
September 30, 2019

A lot of us suffer from the “know-it-all” syndrome, at least at some point in time in our lives. Especially in situations where things go the way we think they should. We get a sense of being in control, a sense of supremacy and we sometimes leave behind the virtue of humility. Through today’s article, Mr. Amit Trivedi shows us how the greatest of experts can also be clueless about how to tackle a particular situation. The only way out of such tricky situations is with humility and acceptance of the fact that we are not supreme and that our learning, in the market or otherwise is never complete. It was and will be an on-going process of thought evolution. Read through this crisp piece to know who the ultimate teacher is and why we must accept their superiority over us.

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Who can access my data?: DEPA, Sahamati and Account Aggregators (AA)

Nisha Sanghavi
Founder, Fynomics and Co-founder, Promore Fintech Private Limited
September 27, 2019

There is a lot of chatter about data protection and privacy concerns, leaking of data, misuse of personal information shared with an entity for specific purposes and unauthorized monetization of such data by the entities that are supposed to protect it. There is, however, a very useful flip side to the sharing of data between entities provided it is done for the right reasons, in a regulated manner and with the consent of those whose details make up such data. This week, Nisha Sanghavi takes us through this other side of the discussion and throws light on a few initiatives and developments on this front. Read on to know how data aggregation and sharing in this proposed way is sure to benefit you as well as your clients.

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Financial Security for Special Needs Children

A Suresh
Executive Director, PropSevaⓇ
September 24, 2019

Financial advisors are in essence the financial guardians of the families that they cater too. It is their duty to advise them according to what works best for them after minutely studying their individual scenario. Every family has specific needs over and above those general to all. One such need arises when there are children with special needs in the family. Since they are not equipped to handle their own finances, often all throughout their life, if becomes essential to help your client execute a financial plan that is also effective posthumously. Read on to know what Mr. A Suresh has to say about handling this aspect of financial planning and truly touch your clients’ life.

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How can we approach Asset Allocation?

Bharat Phatak
Owner, Wealth Managers
September 20, 2019

It is as important to explain the thought behind the asset allocation of a portfolio to your client as it is to have a good one in place. This dialogue needs to be in a language that is easy and relatable for the client. Sometimes a conventional allocation mix might not be the best idea owing to various reasons. Explaining these to your client is an essential step towards financial counselling, which must go hand in hand with financial planning. This week, we have Mr. Bharat Phatak explain a dual approach towards asset allocation which is sure to aid you in your conversation with your clients. Read on and share your thoughts on asset allocation and the need to discuss the same with the clients.

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